Call for Immediate Release of Political Prisoner Ali Moezzi in Iran

The Iranian resistance this week called on the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and all human rights defenders to take urgent action to save the life of Ali Moezzi, a political prisoner in Iran.

Mr. Moezzi was transferred on Saturday January 3rd by henchmen of Iran’s clerical regime, out of Ghezel Hessar Prison where he was being held, to an unknown location. On October 12, 2014, while he was extremely sick, rather than being taken to hospital, Mr. Moezzi was transferred to solitary confinement in ward 209 of Evin Prison and was subjected to pressure for two months. A few weeks ago, he was returned to the prison general ward.

ali moezi
Mr. Ali Moezzi

Mr. Moezzi’s 5-year prison term is about to end, but it has been learned that Intelligence agents of the clerical regime intend to obstruct his release by making new false allegations. These agents have openly threatened to sentence him to death or to add an additional 5-year prison term claiming he was making propaganda against the regime. Torturers at the prison have repeatedly threatened Mr. Moezzi, the father of two PMOI members in Camp Liberty, that “eventually we will kill you by slow death in prison and you should not go out of prison alive.”

In November, two months ago, Mr. Moezzi’s family, worried about his life said they received no response from anyone in the Iranian intelligence service. His family is worried because Mr. Moezzi had a brother, Mohammad Moezzi, who was executed in 1981 because of his support for the PMOI.

A week after being hospitalized, before his treatment was complete, he was returned to prison where he was deprived of any medical care. On October 12, rather than transferring him to the hospital for treatment, he was taken to Evin Prison in Tehran.

Ali Moezzi, a political prisoner of the 80’s, suffers from various medical conditions, including acute kidney disease and intestinal obstruction due to years of imprisonment and torture. In 2009, he was arrested for visiting his two children in Camp Ashraf, and was sentenced to two years of imprisonment and to three years suspended sentence. In June 2011, he was arrested for the third time for participating in the commemoration of PMOI member Ali Saremi, who was executed by the clerical regime.

Mr. Moezzi has always been under intense pressure and physical and psychological torture for supporting the PMOI.

Iran Prepares to Kill Political Prisoner Ali Moezzi Before His Sentence Ends

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