Blasts Rock Iranian Embassy Compound in Beirut

Blasts kill at least 23 people

Two powerful explosions rocked the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, killing 23 and injuring scores of civilians on Tuesday.

An Al Qaeda member group named Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.

Two explosions targeting the three-story embassy destroyed at least six buildings in the embassy compound. A car bomb exploded a few yards away from the embassy. The second explosion was much stronger than the first.

US Condemns the Attack in Lebanon

Martyrs’ Square in Beirut during celebrations marking the release by the French of Lebanon’s government from Rashayya prison on November 22, 1943.

In a press statement, US Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the despicable attack at the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon’s capital.

“We extend our condolences to the victims and their families. We urge all parties to exercise calm and restraint to avoid inflaming the situation further.” – Secretary Kerry

He said the United States knows too well the cost of terrorism directed at its own diplomats around the world.

“Our hearts go out to the Iranian people after this violent and unjustifiable attack claimed the life of at least one of their diplomats.” – Secretary Kerry

Calling For Investigation

Secretary Kerry said the details of the attack are not yet clear. The US pledged support to the Government of Lebanon’s commitment to conduct a thorough investigation.

The US called on all parties to cooperate with the Lebanese government’s investigation of the crime and urged that those responsible be brought to justice.

“Acts of terror only reinforce our determination to support the institutions of the Lebanese state, including the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Internal Security Forces, to ensure a stable, sovereign, and secure Lebanon.” – Secretary Kerry

Since the Islamic Revolution, Lebanon and Iran have deepened relations through the years amidst controversies at the international level and even inside Lebanon.

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