Bahrain Makes Youth Partners in Progress

Bahrain is launching a key programme this summer to involve the youth in the process of nation-building in a big way.

With the target set for the year 2030 to change the face of Bahrain in terms of quality of life, infrastructure, medicare, education, housing, income levels and employment, the country has decided to bring the youth into the fold, specifically people between the ages of 18 and 24, to promote its vision.

Indeed the motto of the programme, launched by the General Organisation for Youth and Sports (GOYS) in coordination with the Ministry of Interior on Saturday, is: ‘Together to Implement the 2030 Vision‘. The programme also gels with Bahrain’s National Economic Strategy for 2009-14.

While there is no gainsaying that the youth of today are the decision-makers of tomorrow, the Kingdom’s drive is also dictated by its keenness to keep the youth gainfully occupied to keep them away from indulging in negative activities. The programme should not only prepare the youth to understand the concept of the country’s 2030 Economic Vision but also push them to actively come forward to implement it.

According to the Director of the Youth Organisations Department, Mohammed Al Qooti, “34 youth organizations affiliated with GOYS will offer 195 programmes as part of the initiative.”

Summer is the time when schools are closed and weather does not permit any collective outdoor activity, forcing the youth to stay home idle. The government could not have chosen a better time to involve them in a diversity of activities depending upon an individual’s inclination.

Thus, according to Mr Al Qooti, there will be 23 programmes involving social and leadership issues, 48 sports-oriented programmes, 30 dealing with cultural affairs, 18 technical programmes and 15 relating to the promotion of computer skills and scientific innovation, 17 involving field trips to the various ministries and institutions and 44 incorporating recreational and educational excursions.

“Within this, the GOYS will offer 80 programmes in the fields of science, the arts, culture and recreation,” Mr Al Qooti said.

While this vast range of programmes is bound to bring the youth closer to the concept of the 2030 Economic Vision, nevertheless the Economic Development Board also means to organize workshops for youth organizations so as to explain to the rising generation the key principles of the Vision.

Brij Sharma is an Indian journalist and editor based in Bahrain. Brij tells us the interesting stories we don’t usually hear from the middle east country.