Why Israel is Hated By Muslims, The Little Known Facts

Israel – Many people don’t understand that the reason for hostility in Israel comes from the United States aiding the Jewish Zionist Movement in the early and mid 1900’s in which they were handed control of a portion of Palestine from Great Britain, who originally applied a Mandate in order to allow the Jewish community to have larger control, restricting the Muslim population who originally owned the land.

The United States helped a few men, most notably Herzl and Weizman, of the Zionist movement, to establish the state of Israel, despite the Palestinians legally claiming the land as their own. At first the Muslims were more than happy to accept the Jewish community, as both the Jews and Muslims, in the past, treated each other as brothers and sisters, following the British Mandate.

After the implementation of the mandate, the Muslims began to realize they were getting restrictions in a country in which they were the majority, by over 70%. This raised hostilities, as land became an issue, and the average Muslim was incapable of having enough for sustenance, or support for his family.

The Jewish Zionist movement was then headed by Weizman. Theodor Herzl was responsible for getting foreign super powers to back it and starting the movement, but he died in 1904. Weizman established Jewish guerilla units within the newly proclaimed State of Israel, they were known as Haganah, Rgun Bet, and later splitting into another cell known as Irgun Zeva’i Le’ummi. These groups are documented to have attacked markets full of Muslims, schools, basically innocent by-standers in acts of terror. Sound familiar to the current Middle East?

This process started in early 1919, and continued throughout World War II. In 1939 the Arab Workers Union launched a general strike, as they were being targeted for lower wages than the Jewish refugees. After the outbreak of WWII, the media pronounced it as a necessity to have a new homeland for the Jewish community in Palestine. A notorious man who was opposed to this was Albert Einstein, an early supporter of Zionism. He would later come to renounce the movement in disgust, due to the ways in which they were acting. He petitioned with various Jewish organizations to select a council in which the Arabs as well as Jews could sit down and talk, advocating against the creation of Israel.

He believed that the Jews could find a home in Palestine, however that hostility would only increase if they broke away from the heavily Muslim state.

Einstein believed the politics to be devoid of any potential due to the heavy British and American influence within them. He further believed that such actions by the foreign governments only served to further their own goals and ambitions for expansion in the Middle East. Sound familiar to today?

He was offered the Presidency of Israel, which he rejected, stating “I would have to tell the people things they would not want to hear.” Indeed, morally, it is hard to imagine what Israel would be like today if Einstein had accepted the Presidency of Israel, with his great understanding of the underlying concepts of the cultures struggling within the former border of Palestine.

Knowing this, can you understand the position of the Islamic communities? Can you understand why they have such hatred towards us? Why they are fighting the Israelis? Why have they already fought at least three wars against them since the state came into existence?

Editor’s Note:

IMPORTANT: A reader wrote to say:

You should know a key aspect about this.

The guerrilla defensive groups were not created initially to attack muslim people. The guerrilla movements were created to defend the kibbutzim against the attacks of the bedouins and other arabs. Some of them robbed the kibutzim and on some occassion they murdered people, I can’t remember where exactly … but the idea was of defending the kibutzim and moshavim against them.

It’s true that some of these movements turned to be a “jewish terrorisn”, like the Stern group, and they droped bombs in markets and killed innocent people, but these groups weren’t supported but the Yishuv’s mainstream, I mean, by the Ben Gurion administration.

Please tell this part of the story too, otherwise people would think jews created those groups only for killing arabs.