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Chris Carucci, a Cooperstown, New York native is preparing to study as a geneticist in New Hampshire this coming spring. His fond interest in Health, World Events, Politics, Food - Wine, and Travel will eventually lead him to writing books.
Israelis at the wailing wall. Image by Aleks Megen from Pixabay

Israel-Arab Tension Fueled by British and United Nations: A History Lesson

The Irgun was an Israeli militant group that operated in Palestine until 1948 when it was absorbed by the new Israeli military.

Why Israel is Hated By Muslims, The Little Known Facts

Israel has long since been seen as the innocent by-stander of various Islamic attacks, from terrorist cells to full on wars with a triad of the neighboring Arab States. Explore Israel's beginning, use of terrorist cells.

Income Tax Never Ratified, So Why Pay?

There have been various cases within the Supreme Court defining both income as well as labor, these definitions, and the case names, can help you avoid audits, foreclosures, and most of all, the IRS.
supreme court 2

IRS, Federal Reserve, Declared Unconstitutional to Apply Income Tax

Income Tax as described the numerous Supreme Court rulings, is unconstitutional when applied to person labor, in which it was ruled that labor is private property, not a gain in profit that is taxable.

Two Police Shoot Teenager Dead – Riots Ensue Across Nation!

Greece erupts in flames. Two Greek policemen shot dead a 15 year old protestor, sparking riots in almost every Greek city. The last time a teenager was killed in a police shooting, a demonstration in 1985, it sparked weeks of rioting.

Israel Reinstates Gaza Media Ban, Egypt Steps Up Gaza Security

Israel reinstates International media ban to Gaza strip. Egypt abducts cattle and sheep from Gaza smugglers.

Bush and Obama Vow to Continue The Nuclear Disarmemant of Iran...

George W. Bush stated that the U.S will not allow Iran to create nuclear weapons and that President-Elect Barrack Obama will continue to fight for the disarmament of Iran's nuclear weapons.

Foods That Give Added Life Extension Benefits!

Various foods and wines are known to boost life expectancy, help regenerate strength, and resupply the bodies essential proteins for function.

Russia Flaunts Strength in Panama

Russia, in an attempt to flaunt a growing influence in the Central/South American region, announced Wednesday sending a destroyer to the former U.S naval base. Referring to it as the 'Rodman naval base', a term last used in cold war era.

‘Heart disease, AIDS, and Lupus no more?’

The Scripps Research Institute, a nonprofit biomedical research organization, discovered a mutation within their mice colony of a specific gene known as Coronin-1A (Coro1a) in the Asian macaque.