Two Police Shoot Teenager Dead – Riots Ensue Across Nation!

Two Greek police officers were arrested in the killing of a 15 year old boy, sparking riots clear across the country, in almost every city.

Mere hours after the youths tragic downfall, many thousands of protestors flooded the streets as they clashed with riot police in open defiance against the police’s actions. Using Molotov cocktails, nearby objects, and force, many shops and cars were destroyed and set ablaze.

In the Greek capital, officers arrested about 10 protesters and about 14 demonstrators.

The Greek government, loosing immense favor in the recent months, faced a second day of rioting on Sunday as various youth organizations, and ordinary citizens participated in the mayhem.

In Greece the situation is entirely different compared to the U.S’s Anarchist sympathy. As most of the Greek population sympathize with the Anarchists.

The flames of the riot have only been fanned by the increased distance between the rich and poor, as those in lower income struggle to keep up.

Frequent violence is known at student rallies, as angered youth protest. Fire bomb attacks by Anarchist are also not unheard of, as these are common events through out the nation.

Currently, scores of protestors are clashing with riot police out side of parliament, the interior ministry was assaulted by rocks and other flying objects, as various police station came under siege.

“All the dangerous and unacceptable events that occurred because of the emotions that followed the tragic incident cannot and will not be tolerated,” he said in a live televised address Monday. “The state will protect society.”

The appeal seems to be doing little to stunt the intensity of the riots.

The latest violence spread to Greek embassies abroad. 15 youths occupied the Greek consulate in Berlin. However, no violence was reported.

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In London, protestors took down the Greek flag and raised the red-and-black anarchists’ banner at the Greek Embassy, signifying the take over.

The Police Officers’ Association has apologized to the boy’s family, and President Karolos Papoulias sent a telegram to his parents expressing his condolences. Such a -MEAGER- effort for the life of those he was sworn in to protect.

One officer has been charged with murder while the other faces charges of being the accomplice.

These massive Greek demonstrations show the true power of the population to stand for what they believe, and to force change for the better. Wide spread sympathy with the Anarchists can only fuel the riot.

The last time a teenager was killed in a police shooting, a demonstration in 1985, it sparked weeks of rioting.

Source: Topix News, Athens Press, Anarchist Federation,

Quotes Taken from Topix News.