Israel Reinstates Gaza Media Ban, Egypt Steps Up Gaza Security

Egyptian police have stated that they have intercepted seventeen sheep going under ground, beneath the border wall. This all in preparation of a major Islamic holiday known as Eid Al-Adha.

A sheep is traditionally sacrificed in Eid Al-Adha.

In related incidents over the past 10 days, a total of 32 calves and 45 sheep were seized by police from various smugglers.

The sheep were found entering the tunnel near the northern part of the divided border city of Rafah. With the recent blockade by Israel, and the large shortage of various supplies, a vibrant smuggling operation has grown.

The tunnels, being Gaza’s only real supply-life line, have been blocked by both Egypt and Israeli forces for the past year. Driving up supply costs, and throwing food and gasoline into short supply.

Other supply caravans, those such as trucks filled with gasoline, have also been reported captured trying to enter into Gaza. The gas was reported stolen from gas stations in northern Sinai.

Palestine may never become a full state that in which is controlled by a single party, as the Hamas (Divided in power) and Fatah (Much more divided in power) make it impossible for collaboration with Palestine as a whole.

Israeli defense officials have reinstated an international media ban dealing with the Gaza strip, despite varied accusations from top media organizations and a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court.

The ban was originally lifted, only to be reinstated Thursday due to rocket attacks and a wider range of military coverage of the border.

The ban was originally instated on November 5th, when a ceasefire/truce was in the works. However, the rocket attacks are still carried out daily as Israeli forces attempt to create shelters in its south to prevent casualties from such ranged rocket attacks.

The Israeli government has long since banned Israeli journalists from entering Gaza due to a large fear for their safety; however, foreign reporters have been permitted to enter the area, regardless of the severity of fighting.

Quotes obtained from ASSOCIATED PRESS EL-ARISH. Smuggler history provided by Egypt Daily Press.