Bush and Obama Vow to Continue The Nuclear Disarmemant of Iran – Regardless

George W. Bush stated that the U.S will not allow Iran to create nuclear weapons and that President-Elect Barrack Obama will continue to fight for the disarmament of Iran’s nuclear weapons.

“In terms of carrots, we can provide economic incentives that would be helpful to a country that despite being a net oil producer is under enormous strain, huge inflation, lots of employment problems,” the president-elect Barrack Obama said, he did not state the incentives to be offered.

However, Dec. 7th, Iran rejected the economic incentives package towards disarming the countries nuclear weapons. Iran is a high oil exporter that suffers from severe interior economic problems. In which the incentives plan would aid them.

“While Iran has not accepted these offers, we have made our bottom line clear: For the safety of our people and the peace of the world, America will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon,” Bush stated earlier on December 5th.

With Iran supporting terrorism, it is of great worry for the U.S if they are allowed to obtain enough uranium enrichment for attacks that can be carried out through them, or through a sponsored terrorist cell.

An example of such incognito attacks are India and Pakistan, with their recent terror attacks in large numbers, both blame the other for the disaster, raising tensions that had not been ‘good’ since the India-Pakistan wars.

Egypt, adding to the complex web of diplomatic relations, stated it supported the peaceful suspension of Iran’s uranium enrichment, provided that it not be by military means, and that Israel, the Middle East’s only but undeclared nuclear power, follows suit.

ElBaradei, the 66-year-old Egyptian diplomat, stated in a Los Angeles Times interview. “We haven’t really moved one inch toward addressing the issues,” and then “I think so far the policy has been a failure.” ElBaradei stated for the Associated press.

ElBaradei stated that President-elect Barack Obama gave him “lots of hope.”. But as seen from the sharp and aggressive rejection of his carrots/sticks plan, Obama may not be successful, regardless of who confides in him.

Quotes obtained from ASSOCIATED PRESS EL-ARISH, Egypt and Jerusalem post, as well as Tehran Times.