Who Will Reign Supreme in Los Angeles’ Mayoral Race

Why I vote for Kevin James for Los Angeles Mayor…

Los Angeles is facing mayoral election in May 21, 2013.

Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States is bankrupt; the city is overly taxed and for the high taxes the residents pay they get infrastructure that is obsolete, roads full of potholes, pavements you cannot walk on, failed education system, failed public transportation system, failed public services, high unemployment, an army of homeless people “residing” in every crevice of the city and people are fleeing the city. The city is becoming unlivable. Los Angeles repels, not attracts, business. Without business people cannot live in Los Angeles.

For sure there is an urgent need for leadership and a massive change; Los Angeles needs a real mayor who will make Los Angeles the bright city of the West again.

Who are the mayoral candidates: Wendy Greuel, Jan Perry, Eric Garcetti, Emanuel Pleitez and Kevin James.

Sinai Temple Jewish Journal LA Mayoral Forum From L Jan Perry Eric Garcetti Wendy Greuel Emanuel Pleitez and Kevin James Photo courtesy of Sinai Temple
Sinai TempleJewish Journal LA Mayoral Forum-From L-Jan Perry, Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel, Emanuel Pleitez and Kevin James –

Last night, at Sinai Temple, co-sponsored by the Jewish Journal, Rabbi David Wolpe moderated a mayoral debate and presented, with much sense of humor, a set of thoughtful questions to the candidates.

The crowd was mostly elderly, which means the young could not care to live in squalid city and thus do not get involved. That also mean the city is full of transients who have no affinity to the city.

It appears that all candidates are well qualified. They are in full agreement that the city needs a total overhaul. Each says he or she are the right person to be elected mayor and each promises he or she will be able, to whatever degree, fix the broken city. But that is politics speak, not reality.

Now it is up to the skeptic public to decide who among the candidates will deliver.

I personally eliminate Wendy Greuel, Jan Perry and Eric Garcetti because they are already members of the city council, the one that has been making failed decisions that have brought the city to where it is today, a failed city, a star city that died.

So now there are the two other candidates, Emanuel Pleitez and Kevin James. Since Emanuel Pleitez managed the failed president Obama Economic Advisory Board and since he lacks charisma, then the one left is Kevin James who is registered Republican.

I used to listen to Kevin when he was on KABC radio and I loved his energy and all he stood for.

I am voting for Kevin now, because I like what he stands for.

So who is Kevin James?

Sinai Temple Jewish Journal LA Mayoral Forum Kevin James speaks photo by Liz Reinhardt
Sinai TempleJewish Journal LA Mayoral Forum-Kevin James speaks –

He is an outsider, not part of the corrupt city hall.

An attorney who moved to Los Angeles 26 years ago. Kevin practiced law in the private sector and as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. Kevin spent many years donating his time and legal expertise to local charities, serving neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, including acting as the co-chairman of AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Kevin continues to work tirelessly to expose the failed policies of current city leadership, to shine the light on the fiscal mismanagement of the city by many of its elected officials, and to expose a culture of corruption in city government that harms all of Los Angeles.

Kevin also had a radio career with Talk Radio 790 KABC “Red Eye Radio” Program in Los Angeles, Oklahoma City morning-drive show on 1000 KTOK, and “The Kevin James Show” on 870 KRLA, Los Angeles. In 2011 Kevin stepped away from the airwaves to focus on his campaign for Mayor of Los Angeles.

When Rabbi Wolpe asked the candidates what are you bad at, Kevin said he talks too much, impatient at time, bad golfer and he does not like to lose.

To the question, what will the most effective thing to do to make the city climate friendly, Kevin said, city hall is broken; we are a hostile city to business and industry. To break the mold, where possible, Kevin promises he will go around City Council and the first on his agenda is to eliminate the Gross Receipt Tax. Kevin wants to see the city compete better. He says it is no more Hollywood, rather hollowood. Hollywood lost its advantage and other cities took the film industry away from us. Kevin wants to educate the public how important the film industry is, not only for the prestige but also for the many business it creates around it.

Lastly, Rabbi Wolpe asked what can the public do to help.

All the candidates call the public to get involved and recruit others. In a city with millions residents the current mayor Antonio Villaraigosa received 150,000 votes, meaning people did not vote, people showed they do not care and thus he has no mandate to be the mayor of all.

We need a mayor like Tom Bradley was, a mayor for the entire Los Angeles.

Perhaps Los Angeles should be managed like Beverly Hills, by a council and each member of the council gets his or her chance, in rotation, to be the city mayor.

I will vote for Kevin James because I think he will make Los Angeles a livable city again: http://www.kevinjamesformayor.com/

However, do not listen to me, do your own due-diligence, but get involved and if not, Los Angeles will continue to decline and eventually will be a city no one will want to live in it.

If you want to change the vision of Los Angeles, a vision in which we are living now, change its manager and elect the right one.

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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