US Keeps Israel in The Dark Over Iranian Nuclear Negotiations

Two weeks ago, we heard that Iran was communicating with Barack Obama by letter. See Iran Communicates With Obama By Letter Over Nuclear Agreement and ISIS.

Prior to that, we saw Democrats preparing To Go AWOL On Netanyahu Speech to Congress. Mainly, this was at the behest of President Obama, who is boycotting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, largely about Iran and its nuclear aspirations, is planned for early March. It is now reported that the U.S. is keeping Israel in the dark over Iranian nuclear negotiations.

The New York Times reported Thursday that the Obama administration is “racing to negotiate the outlines of a nuclear deal with Iran” by the end of March.

Although U.S. officials deny it, It has been reported that the administration remains tight-lipped about our closest ally in the Middle East, because “whatever we say may be used in a selective way,” according to The New York Times. It could be that the Obama administration feels pressured by Israeli concerns about a naiive administration giving Iran the green light to build a nuclear weapon in their secret negotiations.

obama freezes out netanyahu
Cartoon: NewsBlaze

U.S. officials claim the Israelis have been providing misleading accounts about the scope of uranium enrichment that Iran will be able to continue under President Obama’s proposal. These accusations are vehemently denied by Israel.

National Security Council spokesman Alastair C. Baskey declared that the latest report of Washington freezing out Jerusalem, which aired on Israel’s Channel 2, is “patently false.” Mr. Baskey says his colleague, Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser, “maintains regular contact with her Israeli counterpart,” Yossi Cohen.

Whatever the true story is, the contentiousness between Washington and Israel is reaching fever pitch. Therein lies the danger of a highly dangerous rift that could affect the entire Middle East. Scores of Democrats are following Obama’s lead over the March 3 Netanyahu address to Congress and vowing to stay away.

Although Obama says the reason is because of the proximity of the Israeli elections, that seems to be a This is setting a dangerous precedent in U.S. Israeli relations at a time neither side can afford such a split.

A U.S. official complained that Israeli officials are skillful at picking out what the Times described as “one or two details that seem particularly incriminating.” They suggested that the Israelis are misleading in their portrayal of the Obama administration by suggesting they have capitulated to Iran.

But further proof of Israel’s anxiety is the fact that during last fall, Iran was offered about 4,500 centrifuges if it shipped most of its fuel to Russia. There is talk “of raising that figure to 6,500 centrifuges, but only if Iran reconfigures that in a way that would greatly lower their efficiency,” The Times reported.

Barack Obama and his administration may think that Iran wants nuclear fuel for power generation, but the National Council of Resistance of Iran says it has evidence of secret weapons research being undertaken by the mullahs. The organization says Iran’s Lavizan-3 site has been hidden from the west for many years.

They say they have a photograph that shows a 1-foot thick lead-lined door to shield the complex from radiation, and inside, there are secret rooms and hallways insulated for sound and radiation leaks so that they remain undetected.

“There is no way in the world you can assure Tehran is not developing nuclear weapons, if you can’t inspect those sites …” – Alireza Jafarzadeh, NCRI

Analysts believe Iran has 19,000 centrifuges. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said that Iran’s “absolute need” is to have 190,000 centrifuges.

While Iran continues to purify nuclear fuel, the Obama administration freezes out Israel and kids itself that it can secure a deal with Iran, ignoring the signs that Iran can’t be trusted.

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