The Day Nicole Kidman Shamed Our Nation

While the world rushed to rescue the calamities of war and casualties in the Israel-Lebanon conflict, Nicole Kidman, a once heroic Australian actress, dampened the efforts of the international community.


Nicole Kidman is a UN “peace” delegate, involved in UNICEF. The signature imprinted in the anti-peaceful advertisement has puzzled individuals who work effortlessly to end the Israeli-Palestine conflict. The ramifications of her signature are slowly transpiring, with a massive boycott against Kidman in Australia, which began on August the 17th, one day after the actress signed a political petition.

Nicole Kidman shamed the Australian people after signing the advertisement, which implicates the wrong doing of Arabs and the green light for violence and continued conflict. Australians have a tendency to be lassiez-faire and distance themselves from the Middle-East conflict, but when Nicole Kidman signed the anti-civil petition, she subsequently spoke on behalf of Australians.

The enigma that is Nicole has disappointed the majority. She alongside another 83 low-key celebrities did no justice in a petition that decries peace. The signatories should have been aware that there were only 84 signatures in parallel to Hollywood’s total celebrity count, thus illustrating a minority that supported a green light to massacre the children of Lebanon and Palestine.

Jewish response

The unorthodox petition was criticised by many abroad. The pro-Israeli view in the advertisement was obviously consolidated by Jewish media moguls but that was all. No-one from the Jewish or non Jewish community came forth to endorse the advertisement because of its explicitly un-peaceful motive. This advertisement depicted an incorrect account of Israelis working diplomatically for peace at the time.

Nicole Kidman is not a Jew, and many found her petition pretentious. On one hand she is a UN delegate for UNICEF, which has activities in Palestine and Lebanon, and on another she signed a violent petition against both nations. In addition she is a strong supporter of the democrats as opposed to the pre-emptive style Republicans.


The response to the petition has been all negative. On the internet there are many websites from human rights organisations, independent and political organisations countering the petition with their own. Many more than just tens of people are signing these.

Many months later and people around the world are being urged to boycott all the signatories in the prejudice petition, especially Nicole Kidman.