Sovereignty, What Sovereignty?

Solutions for Israel.

With gaining her land back in 1967 Israel became a confused state. She has bought into all the lies about and the obfuscation of Jewish history and the ownership of the land, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Since 1948 Israel has been a sovereign state; since 1967 Israel is a sovereign state scared to admit its sovereignty and to act the part.

Israel appears to be powerful and strong. If Israel was a powerful and strong state she will do as she pleased but she DOES NOT; she listens to everyone and lets everyone meddle in her affairs, i.e. the US, EU, Turkey and others! The only country in the world that permits such humiliation.

The problem is that Israel has no leaders to lead her in the right direction and those who call themselves leaders are confused people, not united in their mindset and cause and too many of them talk rubbish way too often.

The ONLY solution: Divided Israel will FALL! UNITED Israel will stand and WIN or STANDS TO WIN!

So yes, we, Jews-Israelis, must come together BECAUSE we have made up our minds what kind of nation state we want to have and be – Jewish, semi-Jewish, or unJewish; erev rav mixed with the Arabs or a Jewish nation state – as for Jewish culture all around.

Only the right action will do, all else is palaver and clap-trap.

The situation Israel is in today WILL not go on forever; in fact it is FAST coming to a head!

Israel is a nation without borders and without a recognized capital. There are road signs there that state if a Jew-Israeli comes into the [Arabs] town, built illegally on Jewish land, he/she stands to be killed or, ‘Israelis-Jews Are Not Allowed’, or, ‘it is dangerous for Jews to enter the town’ signs. This is by no means a way to live; it is insulting and simply pathetic. And it is ALL Israel’s doing – no one else!

One problem that Israel needs to solve right way is her borders and who lives within them.

I personally would love to disband the Palestinian Authority. And it can be done.

Since the land from the river to the sea is legally the land of the state of Israel there is no need to annex it. All Israel needs to do is apply Israeli law on all of that land to protect all the JEWS living there, to enforce the laws and establish order, which is now faltering.

The Oslo Agreement is a dead agreement. In fact it was dead from its outset because the Arabs never ratified it.

The PA “leaders” can be disbanded and flown back to Tunis, from where they came to the land, or to wherever else they wish to dump their presence. Let us hope that some country will accept these bandits.

The autonomy names Palestinian Authority must be replaced with an administrative body that will work closely with the government of Israel that must live in peace with the Jews; if not they can expect to be expelled.

The process, after applying the law of Israel to the land, is to make a total change in the Arabs’ education system; rewrite it from scratch. Teach the young ecumenism, how to respect Jews, not to hate and want to murder them, and how to be productive and peaceful people.

The Arab-Palestinians will be ruled by the administrative autonomy because Israel cannot afford to be responsible for them. Their funding from the west must continue pouring in to sustain them. However, Israel will control this autonomous area from closer quarters.

Israel will seek to provide work opportunities for the Arab-Palestinians. They are already working with/for Israeli firms and Israel will need to keep on creating jobs for Israelis as well as Arabs. To keep a healthy and growing economy, Israel needs to create 700,000 jobs in the coming next five years so the task has been cut out already.

Then Israel will be working on the ‘Palestine is Jordan’ issue. The Arabs in Judea and Samaria need to become citizens of Jordan, residing in Judea and Samaria. Israel must control the influx of Arabs into the area, better yet, create an outflow.

And if the Arabs do not like the situation they are free to leave and Israel will even give them incentives to move elsewhere.

We have work to do and if we do not get cracking here is the BAD news:

In Israel, the political Right wing is on the decline, losing its leading place and the Left is on the rise; it is now 26 seats for the Right and 21 for the Left, catching up in a speedy trajectory.

The Right needs to get serious if they want to see Jerusalem remaining united and Israel not squashed back into Auschwitz borders.

Jerusalem is the tilting factor of Israel’s future and survival or the Jewish state will turn to be an unsuccessful experiment. So the Zionists better get the word out that all of Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and has been the capital of the Jewish people from time immemorial and only the Jewish people.

More so, Israel must build homes for Jews ALL OVER the land; the stealth building freeze must end. The leading political Right better get cracking building homes for Jews in Jerusalem, because if housing prices continue to go up, as they do now, they will lose their ruling majority in favor of the Left-Labor and then the Land will be simply given away to Israel’s foes and this time for GOOD.

Israelis, Jews, and pro-Israel folks can no longer have wool pulled over their eyes. The picture is clear, the work ahead will be grueling. We can do it if we want and have the will.

Only the right action will do, all else is palaver and clap-trap.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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