Shimon Peres, Wrong, Wronger and Wrongest

Peres’ Oslo apology is long over due

I often wonder why Shimon Peres is the president of the state of Israel instead of sitting in jail for crimes against the Jewish Nation and every Israeli.

For me, Shimon Peres represents the disastrous Oslo Accords that have brought about the killing, and is still killing, over 1,500 innocent Israelis; these fatally wrong agreements have made Israel a pariah state, reduced Israel’s deterrence, cuffed the ability of the IDF to fight as an army in defense should fight and has made it a politically correct army that defends the perpetrators Arabs more than the Jewish citizens of Israel it has the duty to defend.

Shimon Peres
Shimom Peres

I’ve never been a fan of Peres, whose track record -since Oslo and beyond – has been wrong, wronger and wrongest, at the expense of the national security of the Jewish State and its image in the world.

One should read Peres’ book, The New Middle East, to realize how detached has Peres been from reality. I am proud to announce that I obtained the book for US $0.01 (ONE CENT- how appropriate value?!) and have used its content as reference to some of what I have written here. (

For years, ad nauseum, I have been watching Peres adulating the Holocaust denier, terrorist in a suit, Mahmoud Abbas, promoting him as Israel peace partner and it infuriates me. You cannot make peace with people who simply don’t like the fact that you exist, that you are alive and kicking, do not like you for being a Jew and want to kill you, all factors that Peres ignores and lies about. I therefore decided it is time to put Peres on trial for the sake of the state of Israel.

We need to ask ourselves, was Peres duped and he then duped the entire Israeli nation and the world when he promoted the Oslo Accords? Or, he concocted a master cover up with which he then duped the Israeli nation, which led Israel down the path of suicidal actions?

Let us go over, in brief, how Peres came about to develop the menacing Oslo Accords:

It started in June 1991, when Peres sent his deputy Yossi Beilin to Egypt several times to make an agreement with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Beilin offered Said Kamal and Mahmud Abbas, Yasser Arafat’s aides, a deal: in return for the PLO shifting Arab-Israeli votes to the Labor party in the upcoming national elections, the Labor party would cancel the law which forbids meetings with the PLO, freeze Jewish settlements, and give recognition to some sort of an entity that will be close to a new Arab state on to be established on Israeli-Jewish land. The meetings were reported in the Israeli daily paper Hadashot by Arab affairs analyst, Yehoshua Mieri, and by two Egyptian newspapers, Al-Gomhouriya and Al-Wafd.

Arafat invited the leaders of the three radical Arab-Israeli political parties to Cairo and called for the delegates and the politicians to close ranks behind one united pro-PLO party that would vote on mass for the Labor party. This made the difference in the June 23rd, 1992 election that, in effect, put the Labor party into power under Yitzhak Rabin.

On November 25th, just five months after the Labor party was placed back into power, based on their support from the Israeli Arabs, Justice Minister David Libai introduced into the cabinet a bill to rescind the law banning Israelis from meeting with representatives of the PLO.

Officially, however, Israel was not publicly involved in a “peace process” until late August l993.

So how did Peres managed to sell the Oslo to the Israeli public? He did not; he made the Oslo Agreement de-facto, without explaining it to the nation nor receiving its approval.

Secret talks were underway between PLO officials and the Israeli government in Paris and London. French experts will be in charge of establishing a Palestinian police force to secure an autonomy arrangement ine Judea and Samaria, a/k/a “West Bank” and Gaza. The agreement was reached in November l992, in a series of meetings in London, under the auspices of the American government. One of the reasons the talks continued in secret is because Israel wanted to have already concluded an agreement with the PLO before the negotiations are made public. In a May l995 report in an Israeli newspaper, Oslo negotiator Ron Pundak revealed that the US State Department “was in on the secret process from day one.” A secret clause to the Oslo Accords, authored, by then Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin, was entitled: “The Palestine Interim Self-Government Agreement” explaining the ultimate goals of the peace process:

1) Roll back Israel’s territory to the l949 armistice lines;

2) Create a Palestinian “entity,” which, after an interim period will be granted statehood; and

3) Permit the right of return for any Palestinian to the new nation.

The document which dealt with Jerusalem, called, “The Illegitimacy of Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem,” outlined the government of Israel program for the future of the state capital Jerusalem. It called for the division of the Old City into cantons with border posts that would be under UN control. The ‘Plan’ also wanted to work toward the removal of all Jews, in stages, from beyond the Armistice Green Line. The first stage would be to disarm the “settlers” in Judea and Samaria. Once the settlers become less able to defend themselves, army presence on the roads leading to their communities will be greatly diminished, leading to heavy terrorism casualties and a feeling of fear and helplessness. As part of this murderous program, a “dehumanizing” effort would take place to paint the residents of the “territories” as “fanatics” being against the “peace process.” Once such an image had been planted, the “settlers” would no longer be identified by most Israelis as one of them and it would be easier to break their morale to resist.

Three days before the Washington signing of the Oslo Accords, on September 10th, 1993, Prime Minister Rabin ratified a decision made three months early that allowed 187 members of the Hamas leadership, who were deported to Lebanon to return home to the “West Bank” and Gaza. Though Rabin had stated publicly that week that Hamas could scuttle the agreement with the PLO, he nevertheless strengthened the organization by placing its strategic leadership in the battlefront. With absolutely no protest from any wing of Israel’s political establishment in effect, Rabin’s decision put in place the series of events that led to the wave of deadly terror that Israel’s civilian population experienced ten years later, in which over 1500 innocent Israelis died.

Series of events, entrenched in evil and the writing is on the wall among them:

In February 1993, Arafat flew from Amman to Khartoum where he attends two meetings with Osama Ben Laden and Hassan Atourbi, leader of the Sudanese Islamic Fundamentalist Movement. The plan to bomb the World Trade Center, in New York, in l993, was hatched there with Arafat’s approval.

In August 1993, Arabs gathered at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem for the first time to hear the assistant mufti, Sheikh Mahmud Aljemal, call for the killing of all Israeli Jews. The police had taped these comments.

Shimon Peres Devious Secret Diplomacy:

On September 10th, 1993, three days before the signing of the Oslo Accords in Washington, Israel’s Foreign Minister Shimon Peres concluded a secret deal with the Vatican, originally discussed in November 1992, to hand over sovereignty of Jerusalem’s Old City to the Vatican.

On October 1993, Peres sent a letter to the Norwegian Foreign Minister committing Israel to respect the PLO governing institutions in Jerusalem. Peres later denied the existence of such letter, the government admitted that such a letter was actually sent, and in response to the revelation of the letter, Peres told the Knesset, “If you are insinuating that we would ever divide Jerusalem, then that’s an ugly slander.”

On December 1993, in a Knesset debate on the security situation in the territories, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres announced, “When a Palestinian state in Gaza is established, it will take care of security.” Members of the opposition were shocked, believing that Peres had finally admitted, in public, the ultimate goal of his agreements with the PLO. After the Knesset session turned into an uproar, Peres backtracked, claiming he had meant to say, ‘Palestinian police force,’ not ‘Palestinian state.’ Many opposition MKs were convinced that Peres had already promised the PLO a state and this was Peres’ confession, whether intended or not.

As the reader may already grasp, Peres’ folly stretches beyond anyone’s imagination.

The damage of the Oslo Accords has been unfathomable but it appears that it has not yet sunk into the ethos of all Israelis. Some, including prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are still peddling the Oslo two state paradigm.

Since the signing of these agreements life in Israel has totally changed. Israelis were introduced to intifada terror and homicide bombing in their cities’ streets and quiet neighborhoods and roadblocks and security checkpoints were placed everywhere, including a security barrier to keep the terror coming from the PA territory out of Israel’s land.

The Arabs managed to have convinced the majority of the world that they are the victims and Israel is the perpetrator. With that the world has begun to follow the Arabs’ agenda to delegitimize and demonize Israel. The Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) movement against Israel sprung all over the world and no matter how many Israelis died, the Arabs kept on selling their lies that Shimon Peres et al and the world bought, hook line and sinker. What more, Israel lost a great deal of its ability to defend itself and each defensive operation it finally had to take in order to put a stop to Arab aggression it ended up being condemned, being the guilty party, the perpetrating aggressor; Israelis’ life has become hefker, of no consequence.

In Judea and Samaria the residents gained the stigma of zealot nuisance scapegoats.

Additionally, the political correctness and fear of what the world will say has numb the truth in Israel. In the political circles you simply do not speak about the legal rights of Israel to the land; no mention that the land – from the river to the sea – belongs to the Jewish nation and the Levy report, that shines light on Israel’s rights to Judea and Samaria was buried because there is no one among the leadership in Israel has the courage to implement it. Israel chose to operate along schizophrenic ambiguous politics which confuse itself and the world.

In the meantime, with so much financial support and their fantastic ongoing marketing campaign, that has put the Arabs on the pedestal of victimhood, the designated “moderate” PA has become radicalized, genocidal and eliminationist, its one and only one goal is diplomatic, economical, psychological, media and intellectual jihad against Israel. The Arabs have self branded themselves as ancient nation, with history in the Land of Israel that goes back to the biblical Canaanites while they claim that the Israelis are usurps, invaders and “occupiers” of land that is theirs.

Peres is a man of endless source of nonsense; when you read, carefully, what he had said over the years you would arrive at the conclusion that he had performed government’s jobs he was unfit to carry out and while on the job he had done tremendous harm to Israel: Says: Papers are papers and realities are realities. We cannot judge the PLO and its leader just by what he is saying. Would we do so, we would be completely wrong and we would be in troubles. [Heritage, Los Angeles, June 3, 1994].

Shimon Says: No doubt that Israel’s next goal should be to join the Arab League. [Lecture at the Islamic College in Western Galilee, quoted in Ha’aretz, December 21, 1994 and in The Jewish Press, December 30, 94]

We keep on saying that the Arabs are genocidal. In the same token we can heavy-heartedly say, Shimon Peres is Oslo Jewicidal.

For additional material for clearer thinking, Jews should have never affirmed the Peel commission*, which suggested to divide the land because the Arabs were busy attacking British soldiers and Jews. The mistake of appeasing the Arabs would have resulted in tearing a huge chunk of the British Mandate land, designated for the Jewish homeland, as agreed in the San Remo Conference, away from the Jewish nation, even though its borders were based on Jewish history, archeology and jurisprudence. Most of the archeology proves that Jews owned the land from time immemorial and this land, stretched from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, is in Judea and Samaria, where Peres wants to see an Arab hostile state established. And just imagine how God looks at Peres playing the land He has promised to us, Jews, as a bargaining-chip.

THIS land the Peel commission planed to take away from Israel AND the one the Shimon Peres’ Oslo Accords address, is being de-facto denied as belonging to the Jews.

Israel has been living the results of the Oslo Accords till today; many dead and maimed Jews, Israel is constantly delegitimized and demonized, being called a colonial occupying power and perpetrator of crimes against humanity and an abuser of human rights.

I have had enough of this picture and I hope you have had enough as well.

The makeup of the Knesset might be very different if Israelis finally understand Peres’ worldview – just as Jews in USA would not have been fooled to have elected Obama if they understood his worldview.

In all likelihood Peres will never pick up on the above; he will remain living in his own righteous cocoon of lies and deception. Peres, like most professional politicians, suffers from the swagger syndrome, too full of himself to publically admit he was wrong to have fed Israel’s enemy with enough demonizing material to work from and use for the years to come.

At his advanced age Shimon Peres should give an apology speech to the nation and declare that Oslo was wrong, very wrong, due to his willful blindness. He should apologize to so many innocent Jews who died in vain just because of his myopic mistake. He should demand that Israel takes the non-Oslo path, beginning with adopting the Levy report and declare that until the Arabs toss all their education material and begin a new, teaching their children to accept Israel as a Jewish state and ecumenism, there will not be the ridiculous calls for peace and land for peace. Even if it takes two generations, Israelis have patience and they will wait to see a generation of peace loving Arabs evolve and from its ranks a leader will rise to sign a peace agreement with Israel and mean it. Peres should state, ‘I hereby suggest to the government of Israel to end all pretence and stop calling for peace talks that will be nothing more than wasted time and delusion. The people of Israel must not talk with people who do not mean peaceful existence, rather to tear Israel into pieces.’

Recently professor Alan Dershowitz partook in the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York where he advocated for a version of the Allon Plan of 1970, which had died in 1980, ( and for that he was booed by the well informed crowd. Following the conference Mark Langfan, a New York-based attorney and Americans For Safe Israel (AFSI) newly elected Chairman, wrote an open letter to Professor Alan Dershowitz, letting him know that the Allon Plan is a total military hoax. Langfan challenged Professor Dershowitz and any combination of his military advisors to a televised debate in Israel ( In reaction to Langfan’s open letter Professor Dershowitz retracted his support for the Allon Plan.

If Dershowitz, who is made of the same willful blindness cloth that Peres is made of, can retract his Jewicide plan, Peres should be able to admit that his Oslo Accords and the Osloism mentality cost the Jewish nation thousands of Jewish lives and has put the state at risk and peril, but no more.

Just think how much better off Israel would be if its president went around the world speaking the truth about the Palestinian Authority, unlike Peres who has pretended for so long that, first Arafat and then Abbas were “peace partners.” And if the president of Israel went around the world saying, look, this land is OUR land, we have already given some of it away in exchange for peace and each time we have done this it has blew up in our faces and killed many of us. If we repeat such action we know it will come to haunt us again because Abbas tells his people that Haifa and Tel-Aviv belong to the Arabs, meaning he wants to see all of Israel free of Jews.

For as long as I remember Peres has been harming Israel, lying for the Palestinian Authority and now it is difficult for Israel to squirm out of the USA – specially the Obama administration – the EU and the UN clutches. This has to change.

With the closing of this article I sincerely hope there will be a movement afoot in Israel to expose Peres. Otherwise, we risk that the next president who will take his place will be selling the same you-know-what that he has been peddling for so long – all to Israel’s detriment.

Indirectly Shimon Peres has the blood of many Israelis on his hands and the time has come to let this accusatory facts into the open public debate.

Hang in there my comrades, we will turn things around by first plucking out all those who did Israel so very wrong.

The Peel Commission of 1936-1937, formally known as the Palestine Royal Commission, was a British Royal Commission of Inquiry, headed by British Lord Peel, set out to propose changes to the British Mandate for Palestine that follows a six-months-long Arab-Palestinians general strike. On 11 November, 1936, the commission arrived in British Palestine to investigate the reasons behind the Arabs’ uprising. It returned to Britain on 18 January 1937 and on July 7, 1937, it had published a report that, for the first time, recommended the partition of the land. Although initially endorsed by the government, it was condemned by the Arabs and following the publication of the Woodhead Commission report in 1938, the plan for partition was declared unimplementable.

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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