Putting the Arabs on Notice: Israel is Not Your Frivolous Killing Field

The Jewish Nation’s Manifesto

In life one has to overcome everything to live with the wholeness of destiny. The people of Israel are an example of this. Able to withstand suffering and not give up; having the stubbornness to endure despite the fact that they are the minority; having the belief that they would still get everything they deserve after two thousand years of forced exile. The belief of the Jewish people that they have the commitment to raise their future generations in a safe place, in their own homeland, and that every Jew will be a free person in his or her homeland is the propelling engine of the Jewish people.

Rejection and persecutions is what Jews have experienced since their first Commonwealth was occupied and destroyed and their first exile took place in 598 BCE until 538 BCE.

For 2000 years the enemies of the Jews changed their names and geographic presence but they were and are united in one commonality: the hate of Jews and their homeland, the Land of Israel and the zest to harm or annihilate them.

Since the crushing Roman exile of the Jews from their homeland, in 70 AD, Jews have been expelled from hosting countries and thus wandering to find another host country that will accept them, all against their will; they were disrespected, humiliated, disenfranchised, persecuted and murdered wherever they lived while their homeland was trampled on.

The crusades, inquisition, Ottoman Islam, years of pogroms and genocidal attempts and finally the Holocaust was the Jews’ constant challenge of survival.

The Zionism Ideal

Zionism is the national liberation movement of the world’s most oppressed people – the Jews

When Antisemitism – hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people – and Pogroms – an organized massacre of a particular ethnic group, in particular that of Jewish people in Russia or Eastern Europe – became more and more rampant, mostly in Eastern Europe, Zionism became reality. Jews started to talk loud and clear about Zionism and simultaneously they also started the course of Aliya – the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to, historically, the geographical Land of Israel, which is in the modern era chiefly represented by the State of Israel.

Those Jews who took the rather difficult journey and arrived in Israel, settled there and began cultivating the land and created an economy out of what Mark Twain described in his travel book The Innocents Abroad, “worthless soil, almost deserted the country … Palestine sits in sackcloth and ashes … desolate and unlovely … .” Subsequently, Arabs from all over the neighboring Arab states began swarming into Israel seeking better economic conditions which the Jews could offer them by employing them.

Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad book cover
Mark Twain’s The Innocents Abroad book cover

What these Arabs brought along with them into the land of Israel was Antisemitism and Pogroms, from which Jews escaped. Escape, they did not.

Current State of Affairs

Israel just celebrated 74 years since it declared Independence and established the 3rd Commonwealth in the Holy Land, the land of the Israelites and Judea, the Biblical Prophets and the Chosen people of He, the Almighty God.

Despite the Israeli-Jews’ sense of independence in their homeland, Israel, they have not got rid of or become independent from murderous, violent Pogroms, perpetrated, regularly, by the Arabs who embedded themselves in the land, since the late 19th century, in a country that recognizes itself as the homeland of the Jewish people, the only Jewish state in the entire world.

For the past 74 years, even longer, Jews in the land of Israel, the entire Jewish nation, have been and are being traumatized by an army of cold-blooded anti-Semitic psychopath-Arabs, who the Jewish state’s authorities are afraid of provoking. This cannot go on and I predict it will not end well.

Many of the Jews who founded Israel survived the Holocaust. This land was the only place where they could find refuge after their liberation from the murderous Nazi Concentration Camps. Sadly, these very same Jews who survived Nazi atrocities came to a country where they had to live with anxious fear of murderous Arab violence. Their children and grandchildren have continued living in anxious fear or they chose to turn to the other cheek, to live in a total denial of the circumstances all around them.

The Jewish Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome is a mechanism developed to cope with a captive or abusive situation one finds himself or herself in.

Have the Jews in Israel turned to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome, forced themselves to cope with domestic Arab murderous violence?

funeral after axe killings
funeral after axe killings

Time for Israel to Circle Back

It is time for Israel to remember how things were 150 years ago when to live in the land and finally gain independence meant a matter of life or death. There was no room for appeasement and trepidation of the enemy within, the Arabs. It was either the indigenous Jews to rule the land or the hostile to Jews and out of place Arabs to rule it. There was no room for coexistence, what has proven to be the case on the ground today. No matter how the appeasement generation would like to conduct life in Israel, this coexistence is the Arabs’ one other tool to push the Jews into nonexistence in the land.

No nation should agree to share its homeland with those who openly – verbally and physically – seek to destroy its people. The Arabs will never be Jews and the Jews will never be Arabs. Two different worlds that only call for collision.

It looks as if the Jews in Israel are slowly being encircled and pushed out by the Arabs. During May 2021, the Jewish-Arab mixed population cities were torched by Arabs, a violent mob of Israeli Arab citizens. The murder of Jews also took place then.

Killing Field

The month of April 2022 has been bloody – murderous all over Israel. Eighteen Jews, civilians and a soldier on guard, were murdered and many wounded – in Beersheba – country’s south, Tel Aviv, Hadera and Elad-country’s center, and Ariel in the Shomron – by Arabs who infiltrated into Israel from the Palestinian Authority’s territory or were illegally staying inside Israel. Many Jewish kids have been orphaned due to the murder of their mothers or fathers, during April 2022. The terrorists used knives, axes or guns to murder their victims. The killing field in Israel has been soaked with Jewish blood since the Israelites entered the Promised Land some 3000 years ago and there is no end in sight. The Arabs are celebrating the loss of Jewish life and are threatening more such scenes to come.

Where is that Israeli leader who will find the courage to circle back? To act without any concern what anybody else outside our country – whether it is the United States, the European Union or some United Nations body or anti-Semitic NGO – thinks or tells him or her to do, why and how.

No one has the right, the voice, to tell the Jews in Israel where they can live on their land or how to act in order to defend ourselves.

Time for Israel to amass undefeated sovereignty. If not, the ingathering storm of to whom the land of Israel will belong and who will be able to remain living in the land is gaining momentum and is getting darker and darker. All the while the Jews are being pushed back into the Pogroms’ of the 19th century era, this time not in Easter Europe, rather in their own homeland.

My friend Dr. Mordechai Kedar, a renowned Middle East and Islam pundit, always says that in the Middle East you can only survive if you are invincible. Israel’s lack of invincibility and its adoption of defeatism is a destructive formula. It kills.

If the killing field remains, the Jewish ethos of love, kindness, giving and hope will dissipate in the agony of the constant loss of innocent life.

Israel, a good jump-start to end the killing field is establishing capital punishment law for those who murderer Jews.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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