Joseph Biden Is a Thorn in Israel’s Fate

The question beyond all the other questions is: can Israel see the United States as a guarantor with Joseph Biden as POTUS?

That doesn’t seem possible because the US has a different agenda.

On Friday, May 30, 2024, Joseph Biden delivered his administration’s new “peace” proposal for Israel and Hamas, which translates into ending the Israel vs. Hamas Swords of Iron War. That would save Hamas from the extinction that Israel plans for it. Ensuing this announcement, political tremors were felt across oceans.

Joseph Biden Is a Thorn in Israel's Fate 1

Joseph Biden’s three-phase proposal for a durable peace in the Middle East is as follows:

Phase 1

  • A complete ceasefire
  • Withdrawal of Israeli forces from the; populated area in Gaza;
  • Release of some hostages and some remain hostages;
  • Gaza civilians can return to their homes in Gaza;
  • A surge in humanitarian aid;

Phase 2

  • A permanent end of hostilities;
  • Exchange for the release of the remaining living hostages;
  • Israeli forces withdraw from Gaza;

Phase 3

  • Major reconstruction plan for Gaza;
  • Final remains of hostages are returned to their Families;


Senator Lindsey Graham @ LindseyGramanSC:

“To the Biden Administration: Am I correct in believing that the hostages and ceasefire proposal does not:

1/ Prevent Israel from destroying Hamas militarily;

2/ Ensure the demise of Hamas; and

3/ Guarantee that Hamas will have no role in the future?

It is important to have clarity [from the get go – sic].”

Davide M Friedman @DavidM_Friedman, former US Ambassador to Israel during Trump’s presidency: “So, Biden announces his support for a deal that he says Israel presented to him. He fills the hostages’ families with hope, and he gets Hamas onboard. Only one problem – Israel never made this offer! The so-called ‘deal’ was Hamas’ proposal from four months ago – Israel leaves Gaza, Hamas stays in de facto control, and then the hostages are released. This is maddening.” (05:45 – 6/2.24 Earth)

The Obama Plan Revealed

Barack Hussein Obama came out of his leisure life hole and endorsed Biden’s proposal. What tells us all is that it was his plan to begin with, which Joseph Biden simply parroted.

Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel Minister of National Security and the head of Otzma Yehudit Party:

“The deal, its details were published today, means the end of the war and relinquishing the collapse of Hamas. This is a promiscuous deal, which is a victory for terrorism and a security danger to the State of Israel. Agreeing to such a deal is not the absolute victory but the absolute defeat.

We will not allow the end of the war without the complete elimination of Hamas.

If the prime minister executes this promiscuous deal under the conditions published today, which mean the end of the war and waiving Hamas’ collapse goal, Otzma Yehudit will dissolve the government.”

Bezalel Smotrich, Israel Minister of Finance and the Chairman of the Religious Zionism Party:

“I spoke with the Prime Minister and made it clear to him that I will not be part of a government that will agree to this proposed deal outline and end the war without destroying Hamas and returning all the abductees.

“We will not agree to the end of the war before the destruction of Hamas, nor to a serious damage to the achievements of the war so far through the withdrawal of the IDF and the return of Gazans to the north of the Gaza Strip; nor to the wholesale release of terrorists who will return, God forbid, to murder Jews.

“We demand the continuation of the fighting until the destruction of Hamas and the return of all the abductees; the creation of a completely different security reality in Gaza and Lebanon, the return of all residents to their homes in the north and south and a massive investment in the accelerated development of these areas of the country.

“First of all, Biden says there is no such thing as total victory, so for those who didn’t understand, in other words, Hamas remains in power. Which means we [Israel] lost, and 628 fallen soldiers’ lives were lost in vain.

“Phase 1 – will not happen until Hamas is eliminated and disarmed.

“Phase 2 – What are Palestinian prisoners?! They are not legitimate prisoners! They are terrorists, child killers and rapists whose punishment should be by death. Prisoners?! Enough with propaganda words.

“Phase 3 – Aren’t you the ones who said you don’t negotiate with terrorists? Oh’, and you also forgot that Hamas rejected all your weak and losing proposals.

“Victory and the release of the kidnapped can only come from strength. All the progressives who embrace terrorists are forbidden to lead our life. Absolute victory: subduing Hamas, eliminating Yahya Sinwar and Mohammed Deif, and then, from a position of strength, returning the kidnapped home, so that this never happens again.

“Without all these things, you must not stop the war.”

Joseph Biden Is a Thorn in Israel's Fate 2
Joseph Biden video screenshot

My Answer to Biden’s Proposed Deal

For many years, what Israel has done is to borrow from the gray market ‘quiet for now’ loans in exchange for whatever will happen later.

When Israel reached October 7, 2023 the country was in a much worse situation than it was in previous wars, in terms of murdered civilians, the total invasion of the enemy’s forces into Israel, and the evacuation of hundreds of thousands citizens from the north and south of the country. All because Israel is going after all kinds of magic words that are empty of content, such as a political solution, negotiating and buying quiet [not peace] now and later all will be fine because that’s what the USA, France, Germany and all other guarantors promised Israel.

President Biden is not a friend of Israel and certainly does not understand the Middle East. He is also attempting to have his political opponent incarcerated, an unacceptable mediator behavior.

Joseph Biden Times The Delivery

Biden delivered his proposed deal speech after the Sabbath began, when the Jewish people were at their holy resting day, uniting with their God and faith. Was it deliberately done, as Biden has premeditatedly done in the past?

Of course.

Deliberately done to bypass the elected government of Israel that maintains the sanctity of the Shabbat. More so, to have the lapse of time to conduct some dialogue on X (former Twitter) with all of Biden’s leftist supporters who rejoiced at this promiscuous deal.

If Biden wanted to address and appeal to the entire Israeli public, he would have delivered his speech on any other day of the week. Therefore, it must be said that Biden is afraid of the entire Israeli public who are not on the same page with him.

By delivering his speech on the Sabbath, Biden did not leave an opening for Israeli politicians to respond to it right away. Thus, his speech resonated in the sheeple public’s arena who had time to create political waves in Biden’s favor before the Israeli government could respond.

The most resonating sentence in Biden’s speech is that “October 7th cannot come back.” Is it true? For only one reason it is. Simply because that date has passed. But Hezbollah or Iran can cause a similar event, as well as all of Israel’s neighboring countries’ enemies, including the Palestinian Authority (PA), all are looking at how Israel reacts to Biden’s speech.

That is what makes October 7th even worse. Beyond the enormous number of kidnapped and murdered, the consequences of this war belong to Israel’s level of deterrence against its enemies for generations.

October 7th, a Mental Event

October 7th is not only a physical event, it is also a mental event. If the ones who carried out this mental event come out positively, then Israel stands defeated. There is no exit or salvation from such a defeat.

There may not be another October 7th, but it could happen under a different model and could be much worse. Therefore, Israel does not have the right to accept any deal in which Hamas is not completely defeated.

It must be remembered that Israel stopped the war for 4 months in order to reach any deal for the return of the abductees.

Israel’s Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu must come out and declare that Israel has exhausted all options and therefore at this junction there is no deal. From here on there is no stopping the war and the intention is, as has been set in the war’s goals, to fight to the end until Hamas is destroyed.

PM Netanyahu’s Office’s Conditional ‘Deal’ Acceptance

  1. Israel’s conditions for ending the war have not changed;
  • To destroy the military and governmental capabilities of Hamas;
  • Release all our abductees;
  • And make sure that Gaza will no longer pose a threat to Israel.

The outline for the release of abductees allows Israel to claim that all of these conditions will be fulfilled before a permanent ceasefire comes into effect.

  1. The outline is supposed to lead to the release of all 125 abductees; first a humanitarian phase, with a temporary pause in the fighting for the purpose of freeing dozens of women, adults and humanitarian cases, during which negotiations will be held in order to obtain an agreement for the release of all the other abductees and survivors, and transition to a permanent ceasefire.

3.⁠ According to the agreement, Israel will insist that the implementation of the second phase of the outline will begin only after an agreement is reached on the terms of the ceasefire, as stated in the text of the proposal, according to which:

“No later than the 16th day, an indirect negotiation will begin between the two parties in order to forge an agreement on the conditions for the implementation of phase 2 of this agreement.”

  1. According to the agreement, Israel reserves the right to resume fighting at any time. If Hamas violates its obligations in the agreement, including not releasing the number of hostages to be agreed upon, and as Israel gets the impression that the negotiations are fruitless and serve only to gain time.

No Trust in Hamas

Israel must be freed from the word ‘deal’. The people of Israel do not trust Hamas. They must say clearly and plainly that Hamas is playing with the heads of the people in Israel in order to buy time and win in the global public relations sphere.

In November 2023, Hamas released a group of hostages because it thought that Israel would fold and would not continue the war. Even though it hurts and with teary eyes, it must be said with firmness, courage and purpose that the war will continue until the end, in order to achieve all its goals set at the starting point.

It must be said clearly that Hamas is playing a deceptive game with Israel and the rest of the world and in recent months has proven that it cannot not be trusted one iota.

It should not be forgotten that the Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel and this charter’s clause has not changed and will not be deleted with any deal. Also, October 7th took place during an agreed ceasefire between Hamas and Israel which Hamas broke.

Furthermore, if we take into account Iran and Hezbollah and all their proxies, such a deal for Israel would abandon the state and risk its survival.

It also must be said clearly and plainly that Israel is facing the absolute ultimate evil – Hamas – and to get rid of an absolute evil there is only one solution and that is to destroy it and not make any deals with it.

The “Generation of Victory,” the name coined to the young Israeli soldiers who are making up the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) ranks, is not the generation of a deal, rather they seek to deliver a total victory for the state of Israel.

The Hamas Response

For all those who simply refuse to ingest or comprehend with whom Israel is dealing, here is Hamas’ response to Biden’s proposal: “We have no intention of giving up our weapons and stop arming [and rearming] as long as Israel exists.”

A Deal For Home Consumption

It is now obvious that Joseph Biden came up with this “deal” for home consumption, to help his re-election in November. This is not a deal for the peace and security of Israel, it is a deal for Arab votes. The US has said many time, it does not negotiate with terrorists.

What are we looking at, the loss of cognitive thinking? Or more likely, an Obama deal?

Hamas Broke a Ceasefire on October 7, 2023

Hamas’ murderous invasion into Israel on October 7, 2023, took place during a fighting time-out ceasefire. Hamas did not adhere to previous ceasefires so it can be reasonably assumed they would not adhere to ANY type of peace agreement.

As they have proved many times over, Hamas uses any lull to regroup, rearm and respond with another attack on Israel.

The cycle of Israel giving Hamas more chanced to kill Jews ended on October 7, 2023. A premature “ceasefire” now would mean throwing a lifeline to Hamas while the IDF are a few steps away from completely crushing the terrorist organization that committed the horrors of October 7th.

Such a ceasefire would be unacceptable.

‎Not vanquishing Hamas must be recognized as a deal for a durable disaster in the Middle East!

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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