Jordan is Right in Offering Disaster Assistance to Israel

We disagree with Israel on many things. We don’t approve of its behaviour in the occupied territories. We condemn the construction of settlements.

We call on Israel to withdraw to pre 1967 borders and to enter into meaningful serious peace negotiations with the Palestinians. We reject the confiscation of Palestinian land and the policy of home demolitions. We dislike the manoeuvrings of Netanyahu and his procrastinations.

We call on Israel to reach a peace agreement that is just and durable in accordance with 2002 Arab initiative that guarantees Israel’s security and acceptance in the region.

Despite all of the above, I firmly believe that Jordan was right to respond to the calls for help in extinguishing the raging fires in the Haifa district. I understand that Jordanian fire fighters are taking part in fighting the fires and help in saving lives. This is a purely humanitarian gesture and a Public Relations success for Jordan.

For many years Israel has successfully marketed the idea that it is surrounded by blood thirsty enemies and the world swallowed this false narrative. The Jordanian action has proved the Israeli claims are wrong. We cannot underestimate the impact of Jordan’s courageous step in helping Israel in dealing with this disaster. It is good for Jordan’s image and reputation.

Let us sincerely hope that this action by Jordan would help to change the perception of Jewish people worldwide about the Arab neighbours of Israel. If this actually happens, it would be definitely a positive step.

What Jordan is saying is that we are not against the Jewish people. We are not against the Israelis. We are only against the wrong policies of the Israeli government. We are against the settlements and the occupation. In responding quickly to the call for help, Jordan has done the right thing.