Jordan is Definitely Not An Alternative Home for The Palestinians

Three fascist thugs met recently in Jerusalem to promote a Jordanian solution to an intractable Palestinian-Israeli problem. The solution they have in mind is for Jordan to be the home for the Palestinians who are living under Israeli occupation.

In reality this would mean the liquidation of the Palestinian National Project. This entail the total ethnic cleansing of the West Bank and Jerusalem of all Palestinian inhabitants. This could be the end of Jordan as a Sovereign Hashemite Kingdom. This would be a catastrophe on a level of the 1948 greatest calamity if not much worse.

A year ago, I wrote about this subject but recent developments forced me to write on this subject once again. Earlier this month an extreme rightist, fascist and racist visited the Holy Land to explain why Jordan is the real Palestinian State.

In 2009, some 53 Israeli Knesset members put forward a draft resolution demanding that Jordan is the “official alternative homeland” for the Palestinians. Understandably Jordan reacted angrily and rejected the idea. To limit the damage, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said the proposal did not represent the government policy.

I wrote then that promoting the idea was a slap in the face of President Obama and an insult to the Quartet (US, UN, EU and Russia). Jordan dismissed the idea outright and HM King Abdullah II said in the most unequivocal terms on 16th May 09 that no such thing as alternative home existed in our dictionary.

A year later on 5th December several far right political thugs met in a conference in Israel and repeated the same old discredited mantra that Jordan is the alternative homeland for the Palestinians.

Geert Wilders the extreme right Dutch leader of the anti-Islamic Party of Freedom (PVV) a long time admirer of Israel and a regular visitor to his right-wing counter-parts in Israel was the star guest speaker at the conference. He was applauded by Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli Right Wing Foreign Minister and an anti-Arab bigot.

It is worth noting that Geert Wilders’ party in Holland has been plagued by scandals of corruption, fraud, brawl and criminal convictions. Jordan condemned the conference that rejects the two-state solution. The Israeli embassy in Jordan said in a statement Tuesday December 7th that the conference held by the right-wing extremists last Sunday does not reflect the Israeli government stance.

The Dutch embassy in Jordan also issued a statement saying that Geert Wilders does not represent the Dutch government. The Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal has distanced himself from Wilder’s comments and declared that the Dutch government does not share Wilders’ position.

The whole concept is bad for Israel, for the Palestinians and for Jordan. In summary, an independent sovereign Jordan under the wise and astute leadership of the Hashemite Dynasty and HM King Abdullah II is the best option for a future independent Palestinian state and for the stability of the region.

Jordan must survive as an independent state for its entire people. The idea of an alternative homeland has been rejected before and is rejected now and will be rejected in future.