Iran: Protests of Truckers, Workers, and Farmers Continue

Anti-government protests continued across Iran this week. These protests were re-ignited by the peoples’ anger over high inflation, unpaid wages, and increasing economic hardship. Ordinary Iranians say their hardship is caused by officia corruption, lying officials and spending the people’s treasure while their government exports terrorism.

The protests have spread to major cities, including Tehran, Ahvaz, and Tabriz Esfahan. This poses a major challenge for the regime.

Images and video reports were sent by many citizens and reporters throughout Iran. The images, messages and videos were posted on social media. Those images showed that on Sunday, protests by workers and other classes of the Iranian population continued in several cities.

truckers strike.
truckers strike

Steel Worker Protests

The families of detained Iran National Steel Group workers gathered outside the Khuzestan Governor’s office. The families and supporters demanded the release of the detained Ahvaz steelworkers. A number of steelworkers were also among the protesters.

truckers protest work conditions.
Iran: Cities Hit by truckers, Farmers and Students Protests.

Protesters, including many children, held placards that read, “Father, I’m waiting for you,” “Free my father,” “Detained workers must be released,” “Worker is detained, the thief is free,” and “workers have economic demands.”

cities hit by trucker, farmer and student protests
Cities hit by trucker, farmer and student protests

Government security forces arrested more than 40 steelworkers in the southern city of Ahvaz on December 16 and 17 in midnight raids. It was reported that some workers were released but 26 are still held in detention.

Truck Driver Strike

Iran’s truckers, who had previously declared a 10-day strike, entered the 4th day of their new protests. According to local reports, truck transportation on many of the country’s highways has stopped altogether. The truck drivers strike spread to many other cities including Mashhad, Isfahan, Sari, and Bushehr.

The truckers are protesting deteriorating work conditions, low wages and high prices. The government has failed to meet the demands of the Iranian truckers, who are finding it harder to make ends meet. This is the fifth round of strikes by truck drivers since the beginning of the year.

Varzaneh Farmers Water Rights

Encouraged by the actions of the truck drivers, farmers have also been protesting. A number of farmers from Varzaneh in the central province of Isfahan gathered with their families. They marched on the street of Varzaneh demanding their water rights.

The angry farmers chanted, “Viva farmers, death to tyrants,” “if you don’t give us our water, we will choose martyrdom,” and “we will stand, we will fight, we will get our water back.”

tabriz ball bearing factory workers
Tabriz-Iran: Tabriz ball bearing factory workers protested against unpaid wages.

Tabriz Ball Bearing Factory Protest

Workers at the Tabriz ball bearing factory also protested against unpaid wages. On Sunday, Dec 23, 2018, they stopped work and held a demonstration in front of the factory. The workers have not received their salaries for more than four months.

nursing student protest rally
Nursing student protest rally

Ahvaz City Train Project Protest

Workers at the Ahvaz city train project held the second consecutive day of their protests on Sunday, Dec 23, 2018. They too are protesting against unpaid wages.

Tehran Contract Workers Protest

Meanwhile, in Tehran, a group of contract workers gathered in front of the city council for the third time, protesting unpaid wages. The protesters blocked the street in front of the council office by sitting in the middle of the street

People from all walks of life took to the streets in various cities of Iran, protesting the regime’s policies and demanding their rights. The people say they will soon be united, standing firm against the schemes of the Regime.

Hassan Mahmoudi
Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.