Iran’s official: Khamenei Regime At The Point of Collapse

Iran’s Khamenei regime has reached the brink of the abyss under the impact of the organized nationwide uprising (#iranrevolution) ongoing for the past 5 months.

While the explosive situation of the society on the powder keg of the economic crisis has shaken the “Supreme leaders” regime, Khamenei made important confessions about the economic bankruptcy of the regime on January 30. he unwittingly confessed to several tightening crises:

o Poverty and tangible livelihood problems”

o “Difficulties in the lives of families”

o “Unemployment of millions of graduates” and their inevitable “immigration.”

o “Retardation and relative closure of economic matters”

o “Many negative economic indicators”

o “Extraordinary budget deficits”

o Uselessness of forming the Economic Council of the Heads of Power

and much more

Each of these confessions contradicted Khamenei’s previous claims and his “moderatelobbies‘ propaganda in the press and think tanks abroad, regarding his regime’s progress. The “supreme leader” throwing the blame has not helped. It has now become more difficult to curb open attacks and revelations by his closest trustees which reveal the status of the regime.

A simple one-minute video showing Mullah Ansari, a member of Khamenei’s Expediency Council, a most trusted body, has a clear message.

Khamenei's Regime at the Point of Collapse. Image from twitter screenshot.
Khamenei’s Regime at the Point of Collapse. Image from twitter screenshot.