Iran: Protests in Several Cities Over Increasing Economic Hardship

Across Iran’s provinces, from the Simmering parts of its southern cities such as Shush and Ahvaz to the busy capital, protesters have taken to the streets with increasing strength in mass and slogan. In recent months, Protesters expressed anger over high inflation, unpaid wages, increasing economic hardship caused by what they called corruption, lying officials and spending people’s treasures for exporting terrorism.

According to the reports, contract workers rallied outside the city council building located at South City Park Avenue in Tehran on Tuesday, demanding their savings stolen by state officials be returned.

student protest at najaf abad university.
Student protest at Najaf Abad University.

Their chants and slogans include:

“One less embezzlement, our problems will be resolved”

“We deserve to have our money returned”

“You lying officials, shame on your disgrace”

“This incompetent council should be ashamed”

“We don’t want a list of hopes; we want our money”

“We don’t want promises; we want our money”

Bank Client Protests

In Tehran, credit clients of the Bahman Khodro Company held a rally on Tuesday, protesting skyrocketing prices and the officials’ refusal to deliver the vehicles these people have already paid for.

contract workers rallied outside city council building.
Contract workers rallied outside the city council building.

Taxi Driver Rally

In Shahr-e Kord, central Iran, taxi drivers rallied outside the Isfahan Province governor’s office in this city, protesting the officials’ refusal to provide any answers to their demands.

taxi drivers in shahr-e kord.
Taxi drivers in Shahr-e Kord

Protest Rally At Public Prosecutor’s Office

Clients of the Caspian credit firm in Tehran also held a protest rally outside the regime’s public prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, demanding their savings returned.

bahman khodro credit company clients rally in tehran
Clients of the Bahman Khodro credit company rally in Tehran.

The Caspian credit firm is known to be associated with the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

Unemployed Youth Rally

iran protests - rafsanjan city southeast of iran unemployed youth gather at entrance to sarcheshmeh copper factory.
Rafsanjan city (southeast of Iran) Unemployed youth gathering at the entrance to the Sarcheshmeh copper factory.

In southeast of Iran, in Rafsanjan city, unemployed youth gathered at the entrance to the Sarcheshmeh copper factory.

Ardabil Central Prison Hunger Strike

In other news, political prisoners exiled to Ardabil Central Prison launched a hunger strike protesting the authorities transferring an inmate diagnosed with Hepatitis to their ward. It has been some time now that authorities have transferred this inmate to ward 7 of this prison where the political prisoners are held, all without the knowledge of the prisoners themselves.

Following Ardabil prison inmate protests regarding these conditions, the authorities banned their access to telephone calls. Ardabil prison officials are also refusing to respond to the political prisoners’ family members.

hamadan iran educators protest the hollow promises of government authorities
Hamadan Iran: Educators gather to protest the hollow promises of government authorities.

Exiled political prisoners in Ardabil Central Prison launched their hunger strike on Sunday in response to the authorities’ refusal to respond to their demands. It is worth noting that the political prisoners’ ward is very similar to a small warehouse. Considering the high number of inmates and lack of adequate hygiene necessities, there is a high risk for the prisoners to become infected with such illnesses.

teachers in hamadan protest injustice and discrimination.
Teachers in Hamadan protesting Injustice and discrimination.

Ahvaz Steel Strike

In the meantime, the brave workers of Ahvaz Steel started their thirtieth-two day of the strike on Tuesday, December 11 with a rally in front of the governorate of the regime in Ahvaz.

Many workers had white shrouds with slogans such as “We stand, we die, we do not accept humiliation.”

See this video:

Protests: Worker Slogans

Workers were chanting:

Lest we accept humiliation;
neither threat nor prison, they are no longer useful;
student, worker, unity;
imprisoned worker must be freed;
imprisoned student must be freed;
neither ruler nor the state, can overcome the worker;
neither ruler, nor the state, think about the nation;
inflation, high prices, respond Rouhani;
our country is a thief house;
it’s unique in the world;
liar Rouhani, where is your claimed key to solve the problems?
Our disgrace, our disgrace, our radio, and TV.

Hassan Mahmoudi
Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.