Why It’s Worth Looking for Jobs Outside of London

The UK is a great country with a rich history and, what is more important for us, booming economy. This is a country with a low level of unemployment, and a lot of non-Britons are seeking a job there. We can say without exaggeration that London is the centre of the universe when speaking of the labour market.

It is claimed that even in conditions of economic crisis 2007-2011 London kept thriving and its economy grew by 12.4%. London is a multinational, welcoming city. It is a desirable place for living and working in for many people. And it’s difficult to stay unemployed there.

Nevertheless, there are disadvantages which spoil a little bit the pleasure of living and working in the principal city. And it is important to be aware of them before refusing to seek a job in London.

Expensive Cost of Living

Everything is more expensive in London than anywhere else in the country, from food to entertainment. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to buy a property on a standard income, not a Prime Minister’s wage. Renting is too expensive, either. It will take a considerable part of a salary for housing. Yes, the pay level in London might be higher, but the cost of living outside the capital is lower. And due to it, standard of living is worst in the capital.

And remember, that some jobs are paid almost the same level across the country, for example, teachers, doctors, etc.


We all know what living in a city means. For anyone thinking of moving to London, consider the following. Most likely it will involve getting up really early for a long commute (about 5.30-6 a.m), then squeezing into crowded public transport. There are long queues and countless crowds everywhere. Exhaustion before starting work. Still dreaming of working in a megapolis?

Crowds, Pollution and Stress

Obviously, plenty of stressful situations when living in a big city. And there are numerous reasons for that. Here are just some of them:

  1. As almost all megapolises, London is overcrowded and polluted. Just imagine, about 8,136 people live here! There is always hustle and bustle. Like it or not, but you are always in the crowd;
  2. The quick rhythm of life. Londoners have to think quicker, speak quicker, react quicker. Sometimes it drives crazy!
  3. It is possible to get sick from that traffic and traffic jams.

London is not an ideal place for those who prefer peacefulness and less dynamic pace of life. Consider these points when choosing where to live and work.

To sum up, those who are an ambitious careerist and can sacrifice everything on the altar of professional growth, or just enjoy struggling and be in the center of the vibrant business life, London can be a great fit.

For those who are a bit different, let’s see what other cities across the UK can offer. They have become hubs in specific fields, and life is much easier and affordable there. Here is a short list of such cities:

Edinburg – the tech computer science hub;

Birmingham – the financial centre;

Norwich – the agricultural area;

Bristol – the wireless technology, communication engineering centre;

Sunderland – the software hub;

Manchester – the media business hub;

Cambridge, Brighton – the centre of creative industries.

Of course, this is not a full list of cities and their working fields. For more comprehensive information search on https://uk.jobsora.com. There is all the information needed about different careers in various regions.

In conclusion, a big city, especially the capital, gives countless opportunities for career growth and making money. However, we are sure that for a strong professional who enjoys doing their job, it is not a problem to find a position and make a great career in any place, let alone the UK – prosperous country with the booming economy.

But a smaller city gives you a chance to live in peacefulness, comfort, with a minimum of fuss and with beautiful nature around. Just imagine not needing to spend about 2 hours to get to work.

A job that is at a walking distance, and you fresh air to enjoy, a cup of coffee and appealing surroundings while going to the office. Besides, it is more affordable to buy a house for a family and raise children in a clean environment, without all that hustle and bustle of a big city.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.