The Queen of England: World’s Oldest Reigning Monarch

Want to know the very sweet name Prince George calls his great-grandmother by? Well, that adorable child calls the Queen of England, “Gan-Gan.” On their visit to Buckingham Palace, Little Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte always receive a little gift or something, which Her Majesty leaves in her great grandchildren’s room. These revelations were made by the Duchess of Cambridge, on the ITV documentary “Our Queen at Ninety,” to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016.

About her relationship with the Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge stated, “She’s (Queen of England) been very generous in not being forceful at all and in any of her views, but I feel she’s been there, a gentle guidance really for me.” This is how Elizabeth II, Queen of England is. The idea of being in this iconic queen’s land drives millions of visitors to London, says an expert at The Westbourne Hyde Park, one of the best contemporary boutique hotels near London Business School.

An Insight into the Life of the Queen of England

Born in London as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, who later became Elizabeth II, is the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Here’s an interesting fact about the birth date of Queen Elizabeth II. Her real birthday is April 21, 1926, but her birthday is celebrated officially on the second Saturday of June.

Elizabeth married Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark on November 20, 1947, at Westminster Abbey. She had met him in 1934 and again in 1937. Her Majesty enjoyed her first motherhood in November 1948, when she gave birth to Prince Charles, and again in 1950, when she became the mother of Princess Anne.

The 91-year-old Elizabeth Alexandra Mary took her pledge on February 6, 1952, and since then has been enjoying all the rights as the Queen of England, which makes her the world’s oldest reigning monarch, after Queen Victoria. Queen Elizabeth II is also Britain’s longest-lived citizen.

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Powers of Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen of England is given the power of the royal prerogative, a collection of executive powers and privileges held by a reigning monarch, who is not ruling. Her majesty enjoys three powerful constitutional rights, the right to be consulted, to encourage and to warn. Talking of her political powers, the Queen has the power to summon and suspend the elected parliament, appoint the elected prime minister, issue and control UK passports and even declare war. Moreover, the Queen cannot be prosecuted, since all the laws of the land are carried out in her name. As the head of the British armed forces, she can commission officers into the armed forces and remove them as part of her military power.

However, most of the powers are exercised under Her Majesty’s government by the appointed ministers, who are given the power to implement laws under the power of the crown.

Did you know, Queen Elizabeth II enjoys some strange powers too? Well, she owns every dolphin in Britain and doesn’t need a driving license to drive a car in the country, according to an article in Business Insider in 2015.

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