‘Teaching Respect for All’ Program to Launch in Paris

Assistant Secretary Esther Brimmer for Bureau of International Organization Affairs today said she will travel to Paris to help launch an exciting program called “Teaching Respect for All.”

The program is a partnership among the United States, the government of Brazil, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, known as UNESCO.

The program will eventually result in new classroom materials to help teach about respect, human rights, and the value all bring to communities.

“We can certainly go to the dictionary to find a definition of “respect,” but in the complicated and connected world we all share today, that definition probably needs to be updated. Think about words such as: Discrimination. Bullying. Prejudice. Racism. Could dealing with these problems guide us toward a definition of respect? What do you think?” -Ms. Brimmer

She said she is an American, a nation of immigrants from across the globe, where all cultures and languages flourish. She said the diversity is something they celebrate. She stressed it also comes with challenges.

“Part of the American experience is striving to overcome issues that threaten to pull us apart rather than bring us together. So, how do we overcome our differences? How do we demonstrate respect for “all”, and help build a culture of peace, dignity, and tolerance?” -Ms. Brimmer

She asked for the help of the American people in shaping this project.

“Send me your thoughts on what respect means to “you”, and how “your” community deals with issues of intolerance or discrimination.Together, I believe we can find new ways to talk about our differences, and perhaps more importantly, the many values we all share.” -Ms. Brimmer

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