Slovakia Makes Important Commitment to Combat Nuclear Smuggling

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said Slovakia has made an important commitment to combat nuclear smuggling.

In her remarks on the U.S.-Slovak Joint Action Plan to Combat Nuclear Smuggling, Ms. Clinton said there is no greater threat to the safety and security of the world than preventing nuclear or highly radioactive materials coming into the hands of terrorists.

“It’s a danger that no one country can protect against on its own. And today, Slovakia has made an important commitment to our collective efforts, and we are very appreciative.” -Ms. Clinton

She noted that United States has now signed nine such agreements with other countries around the world.

“This is the first one we have signed with an EU nation and a NATO ally. So this agreement reflects Slovakia’s strategic importance as a gateway to the EU as well as your government’s commitment to exercising leadership in advancing nuclear security.” -Ms. Clinton

She stressed that agreement takes the form of an action plan. It specifies more than 40 steps U.S. two governments intend to take to strengthen our mutual capacity to prevent, detect, and respond more effectively to the threat of nuclear smuggling.

She emphasized that the United States has guaranteed its efforts to work with Slovakia to make sure that it’s not only the two of them working together but the neighbors, and particularly Slovakia’s neighbors.

“In a networked world like the one we live in today, all nations have to be committed to this joint effort.” -Ms Clinton

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