Slovak Republic Celebrates Its National Day

The citizens of Slovak Republic today celebrated their anniversary of their constitution.

85% of the inhabitants of the Slovak Republic were Slovaks, the rest of the population were made up of Germans, Hungarians, Jews and Roma. 50% of the population were employed in agriculture, according to Wikipedia.

“Nineteen years ago, the people of Slovakia adopted an independent constitution that enabled your country’s extraordinary transition to a sustainable democracy.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton stressed that the Slovak Republic is a pillar of regional stability, a leader in economic integration, and a model for security cooperation. She added that United States and Slovak Republic share a mutual commitment to promoting freedom and defending our shared democratic values around the world. She highlighted that the strong cultural and familial ties between Slovakia and the United States have

fostered a close partnership and an enduring friendship between their countries and their people.

“As you celebrate this milestone in your democratic heritage, I wish all Slovaks continued peace and prosperity in the year to come.” -Ms. Clinton

The existence of the republic has contributed positive effects on Slovak economy, science, education and culture. The Slovak Academy of Sciences was founded in 1942. New universities and high schools were established and Slovak literature and culture flourished.

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