Romani People Celebrate International Roma Day

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today sent her greetings to all Roma everywhere as they celebrate International Roma Day today.

Ms. Clinton stressed that in communities across Europe and around the world, Romani people have contributed in ways large and small to culture, music, and the arts.

“Protecting and promoting the rights of Romani people everywhere is a personal commitment of mine. Far too often and in too many places, Roma continue to experience racial profiling, violence, segregation, and other forms of discrimination. Individuals, organizations, and governments must establish the political, legal, and social landscape to encourage and value diversity.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton called upon European leaders to redouble their efforts to ensure that Romani people are not discriminated against in access to education, healthcare, housing and employment opportunities.

Ms. Clinton announced that in the coming days, the American government will be launching two new programs to assist members of Romani communities in Romania, Moldova, Slovakia and Hungary.

These programs are in addition to the United States ongoing support in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and elsewhere across Europe.

“We are working to increase legal assistance, expand educational opportunities, and help more Romani people participate in political discourse to strengthen a new generation of Romani community leaders.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton reiterated that with the help of governments, international organizations, civil society groups, and others around the world, the Romani communities and individuals everywhere chart a new path so that every Romani person may live up to her or his God-given potential.

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