First Night of Fisticuffs At The Garden

The 84th Annual Daily News Golden Gloves Finals was once more a special treat for New Yorkers. We were lucky to be treated to an evening of big hearts, big dreams and hard knocks. It was the first night of fisticuffs at The Garden

It all played out at Madison Square Garden Theatre, and the combatants gave their best, at the first night of the finals of the 84th Annual Daily News Golden Gloves.

As always boxing fans were eager to see their favorites, in some cases a friend or relative, capture one of the 14 coveted Championship bouts.

Next year, women’s boxing makes its debut at the 2012 Olympics in London, England. Some of the competitors we see here tonight may well become Olympic hopefuls, and hopefully, finalists and medal winners.

Women’s Results

106lb Weight Range

With an even trading, slight edge for Natalie Gonzalez at the start, Brittany Delgado then pressed to gain in the third round and came on strong with combinations for the win in the fourth.

Heather Hardy posing for Fisticuffs At The Garden.
Heather Hardy

119lb Weight Range

Lacking right hand power, Lindsay Tolpa lost to a more deliberate scoring Misato Kamegawa.

125lb Weight Range

Although Heather Hardy pressed with left and right combinations, Sylvia Yero scored the winning edge with some hard wind-up punches in heavy trading.

132lb Weight Range

An early on straight punching Bertha Aracil outscored Camille Currie for the win.

165lb Weight Range

Christina Jensen won a tough slug-out match against Jennifer Egan.

Results for Men

114lb Weight Range

(Novice) While Christian Castro scored well with quick counter-punches early on, but it was not enough to stop an aggressive better scoring and victorious Oscar Moreno.

Christina Jensen (Gold) and Jennifer Egan.
Christina Jensen (Gold) and Jennifer Egan

123lb Weight Range

(Open) Jaime Estrada simply dominated the bout for a win over Frankie Garriga.

165lb Weight Range

(Novice) James Clarke started scoring better off trades especially with his southpaw hook, but grew tired, started holding and was outscored in a Joseph Scalafani comeback.

141lb Weight Range

(Open) Cristino Ceballo took this high energy bout over Patrick Day.

152lb Weight Range

(Open) A fast, action packed, back and forth fight with a lot of counter punching and a Christopher Galeano win over Jeremy Fiorentino.

132lb Weight Range

(Open) A low scoring match with Louis Cruz exposing his body when pressed, helping Marcos Suarez II score and win.

Joseph Scalafani (Gold) and James Clarke.
Joseph Scalafani (Gold) and James Clarke

178lb Weight Range

(Novice) Despite heavy overhand rights by Michael Fischetti, too late, as Anthony Pegues’s left jabs scored better for the win.

201lb Weight Range

(Novice) Daniel J. Girace seemed to be controlling the match throughout, but judges went with a tired Max Tassy for a sloppy hop-around win.

201+lb Weight Range

(Open) Iegor Plevako using straight heavy punches stunned Elijah Thomas with the referee stopping the bout in the second round.

Be ready for night #2 coming up this evening.

Nabate Isles smoothly heralding in the night with the National Anthem.
Nabate Isles smoothly heralding in the night with the National Anthem
Brittany Delgato.
Brittany Delgato