Republic of Malta Celebrates Its National Day

The citizens of the Republic of Malta today celebrated their 47 years of independence.

Malta is internationally known as a tourist resort. It has numerous recreational areas and historical monuments, including nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites like most prominently the Megalithic Temples which are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world, according to Wikipedia.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking in Washington, DC, extended the congratulations of President Obama and the people of the United States, to the people of the Republic of Malta.

The dolphin show at Mediterraneo Marine Park. Tourism generates a significant part of the GDP of Malta.

She stressed that the United States and Malta have worked closely together promoting freedom and democracy for the Libyan people, reaffirming their shared commitment to human rights.

“Thanks to your generosity, Americans and others in need were welcomed into Malta which served as a safe haven for so many during the peak of Libyan turmoil.” -Ms. Clinton

She highlighted that the Maltese people stand as a symbol of strength to those yearning for freedom, and their commitment to the promotion of peace and understanding around the world is an inspiration for so many.

“As you celebrate this special day, know that the United States is committed to strengthening the bonds of friendship between our countries as we work toward a better future for all our people.” -Ms. Clinton

According to the International Monetary Fund, Malta is classified as an advanced economy together with 32 other countries. Malta depended on cotton, tobacco and its shipyards for exports until 1800.

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