Paris To Hold Talks on Afghanistan, Says Top UN Envoy

The top United Nations envoy to Afghanistan stated on Monday that an important summit in favor of the country will be held in Paris later in the week, leading to an enhanced partnership between the rising democracy and its international partners.

“The Paris conference is more than just a pledging conference for donors” said Kai Elde, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative.

Along with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Afghan president Hamid Karzai and delegates from over 80 countries and organizations, Elde will join them tomorrow at the International Conference on Afghanistan. It will be part of global efforts to aid with reconstruction and development in the strife-torn nation. He also heads the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), which is responsible for advocating peace and stability by leading efforts of the international community, in league with the Afghan Government, to rebuild the country and increase the foundations of peace and constitutional democracy.

“On our part,” Elde commented, “the international community must bring much greater coherence in the assistance being provided, we must channel more resources and effort towards building basic state institutions able to protect and serve the Afghan people.”

Elde went on to say that the Afghan Government must portray the role of deepening and broadening its economic and political reform process, showing greater accountability and intensifying anti-corruption efforts.

In addition to assessing the effect it’s been made since the previous international donors’ meeting in London in 2006, the meeting will also witness the birth of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy, the Afghan Government’s five-year blueprint for the country’s reconstruction.

“With the Afghanistan National Development Strategy,” Elde continued, “we now have an Afghan-led and owned blueprint for all our support efforts. The imperative will be on the Government to show increased accountability for the support received and on the international community to get behind Afghanistan’s own priorities.”

Source: UN News