Nordic Countries – Destinations For Nature Enthusiasts and Urban Explorers

The Nordic countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland are increasingly popular among international visitors. The countries offer a great mix of beautiful nature and bustling cities full of cultural activities and entertainment. The Nordics form a geographical and cultural entity that shares a common heritage and ongoing close cooperation.

Living Standards

Nordic countries boast an excellent standard of living, tend to top world rankings in happiness, equality, and development, and have some spectacular natural wonders and city destinations to attract visitors year after year.

Lapland, i.e., the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, and Norway, makes a perfect destination for an active holiday in the wild. Winter activities include skiing, dog sledding, and snowmobile riding.

With a bit of luck, it is also possible to see the spectacular Northern Lights. After the cold winter comes summer, when the sun barely sets, or does not go below the horizon at all. This is a popular time for hiking and enjoying the midnight sun.

nordic countries, keitele Photo by: Leena Partanen.
Keitele. Photo by: Leena Partanen.


For those intrigued by mountain landscapes, Norway with its mountains and fjords is the destination of choice. Lofoten Islands in northern Norway consist of mountain peaks rising directly from the ocean, making an otherworldly experience. For nature enthusiasts, Finland offers must-see destinations with its endless forests and over a hundred thousand lakes. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful nature of Finland the same way Finns do: by booking a holiday home by a lake or the sea.

Besides magnificent nature, the Nordic countries also have intriguing urban destinations. The Nordic cities are at their best during the summer months, when temperatures are pleasant and the days are long and full of light. The cities burst with life with a number of festivals and events taking place. The Nordic capitals cater especially for those interested in the Nordic lifestyle, cuisine, design, fashion, and architecture.

Wonderful Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, was chosen by Lonely Planet as the number one city in the world to visit in 2019 for its design and architecture scene, rich culture, gastronomy, and sustainability efforts. Stockholm in Sweden is another world-class urban destination with its 14 islands, and the sea surrounding the city. Stockholm is full of culture and arts destinations, and listed as the second most productive tech and start-up hub in the world.

There are good flight connections from KSA to the Nordic countries via Istanbul or Dubai. Time difference between the Nordics and KSA is only one or two hours depending on the country, making traveling comfortable and easy. Welcome to the Nordics!

Nordic Countries Information

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log home. Image by user32212 from Pixabay
log home. Image by user32212 from Pixabay