Latvia Celebrates National Day

The citizens of Latvia today celebrated the 93rd anniversary of their independence.

According to Freedom House and US Department of State, human rights in Latvia generally respected by the government. Latvia is ranked above-average among the world’s sovereign states in democracy,press freedom, privacy and human development, according to Wikipedia.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking in Washington, DC, extended the congratulations of President Obama and the people of the United States, to the people of Latvia.

high rise
A high rise building.

She highlighted that despite decades of war and Soviet occupation, today Latvia is a flourishing democracy and an inspiration to countries around the world. She stressed that both countries share a long history as strategic allies, valued partners, and close friends. She said as NATO allies, they are committed to defending individual freedoms, democracy, and human rights for people everywhere.

“The bond between our two countries is strengthened everyday by our deep cultural and familial ties. As you celebrate this special occasion, know that the United States stands with you as a partner and friend and we look forward to deepening our cooperation even more in the years to come.” – Ms. Clinton

Latvia is a member of the World Trade Organization and the European Union. Latvia has had one of the highest (GDP) growth rates in Europe since the year 2000.

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