Is Belfast’s Oldest Pub One of the Reasons Why Belfast is Growing as an International Business Tourism Hub?

International companies like Citigroup and Allen and Overy are investing millions in Northern Ireland. This is due to the city of Belfast hitting the top of a list of cities that are most friendly to small and medium-sized businesses.

But one of the reasons why the city is booming right is its historic pub scene. And White’s Tavern, located in the iconic Winecellar entry, is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. It is also right by the business district, making it a prime destination for business dinners and entertainment. Let’s take a closer look at the history of the tavern and a few other points in favour of Belfast as a business tourism destination.

White’s Tavern History

White’s Tavern was established in 1630 in the Winecellar Entry, which is one of the famous historical Belfast Entries in the city. The tavern then hosted a hotel, a spirits and wine store, and later an oyster room.

All these additions made the tavern one of the most prized establishments in the city even to this day. And it’s part of the city’s fabric. The tavern is not only known for entertainment but also has some of the best pub grub in Belfast. White’s Tavern also regularly makes the list for top tourist destinations in the city and is particularly popular with business tourists from around the world.

Business Tourism Is Taking Off

Business tourism is taking off in Belfast. The city is hosting a wide range of meetings, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions. This is why a little over half of the 2.6 million passengers passing through the main airport are travelling for business. Belfast International Airport’s location also puts you in easy reach of the city’s amenities.

That means event attendees can be at their hotel in ten minutes or drop by historic pubs for a drink after meetings. They can stop for some of the pub grub, while traditional regional dishes remain affordable compared to dinner out in London.

Then you can drop by the new facilities catering to business tourists along the Belfast Waterfront. The city has seen a boom in event centre construction, and it can now host events for up to five thousand attendees. And it isn’t just seating. They can provide everything from affordable hotel rooms to event catering.

The city has even made arrangements to allow for more local apartment buildings to be rented out on a short-term basis to tourists. You can also find serviced apartments perfect for an extended business stay in Northern Ireland. You can find large apartments with two to six bedrooms that allow everyone on your team to share an apartment or make it possible to bring your family with you when you visit Belfast.


Belfast is becoming one of the top business tourism destinations in the UK, and its historical pubs like Whites Tavern have played a major role in this. It is seeing more business travel as the area develops as well as an influx of business events from other parts of the UK as a result.