Chris Yangello’s Passion for Video Content Creation

There has and will always be the need for rich and immersive content in the business of entertainment. However, as the trends of content creation evolve, production companies look at fresher talent and newer ways to create or generate content. This has led to a rise in the population of ‘younger generation’ content creators who bring freshness, uniqueness, and a whole new perspective to the world of entertainment. Meet Chris Yangello, a 16-year old video content creator from Sony Music Entertainment, who is on the rise.

Chris Yangello's Passion for Video Content Creation 1
Image @ Chris Yangello

He creates content for music videos, shows, events and more, under the REDMusic Label of Sony. While most of his friends and peers are still getting acquainted with high school life, Chris has been pursuing his passion alongside his education and life in junior year at the Devon Preparatory School.

His passion for creating unique content is not new. From an early age, he has been a natural with the camera and was always on the lookout for details that most people often missed. This is one of the key factors that have made his work unique and creative.

Besides his work for music videos and record labels, Chris also likes to create videos for himself and his personal projects. Whether it is for his employer, client, or for his personal satisfaction, Chris Yangello believes that the audience can really enjoy a piece of art when the content is good. That is why he has completely dedicated himself to bring out the best in video creation with quality content.

His creativity and innovative content have helped him get associated with the major names in the music business. He has created videos for musicians like Lil Skies, Cash Cash, Jake Miller, Logan Henderson, Lovely The Band, 6lack, Lost Boy Crow, and other similar artists. Apart from individual artists and labels, Chris has earned experience with live events and creating content from the same. Being at festivals like Made in America Music Festival, Coachella, and Firefly has added to his rising fame in the music content landscape.

Chris has a follower base of 150000 and counting on social media. A base that clearly believes in his outstanding work. As for himself, Chris finds real joy and excitement in the unexpected nature of his work which takes him across the country every now and then. His passion for creating good content adds value to all his projects and brings enjoyment to his audience.