Egyptair Flight MS804 Still Missing With 66 On Board

Plane May Have Crashed Into The Sea

Egyptian aviation officers confirmed the disappearance of Egyptair flight MS804 en route to Cairo international airport with 66 people on board including one Brit.

The plane took off from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport at 11.09pm. After almost three hours, the plane went missing about 280 kilometers from the Egyptian coast.

According to the Egyptian aviation center, the airbus dropped from radar screens about 20 minutes away from landing.

Many believed the Airbus A320 had crashed into the sea. Reports said the Egyptair plane MS804 crashed off the Greek island of Karpatho. The south Agean island is 600 miles from the Egyptian coast.

The airline confirmed the disappearance of the airbus on its Twitter account. The airline said Flight MS804, departed Paris at 23:09 (CEST). It disappeared at 02:30 a.m. at an altitude of 37,000 feet (11,280 meters) in Egyptian air space, some 280 kms (165 miles) from the Egyptian coastline, before it was due to land at 03:15 a.m.

What appeared to be wreckage of the plan was found, but that said not to be the A320.

Egyptair said the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation received an official letter from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declaring the finding of wreckage of the missing aircraft No. MS 804 near Karpathos Island.

A note on the website said Egyptair sincerely conveyed its deepest sorrow to the families and friends of passengers of Flight MS804. The family members of passengers and crew were informed. It also said the Egyptian Investigation Team and their Greek counterparts are still searching for other wreckage from the missing plane.

This was confusing, and a call to Egyptair informed NewsBlaze that the wreckage was not confirmed to be the A320.

Egyptair Flight MS804. Airplane crash wreckage. Image by XMCWX from Pixabay
Airplane crash wreckage. Image by XMCWX from Pixabay

Egyptair Flight MS804 Strange Actions

Before disappearing off radar, the airbus apparently made “sudden swerves.” At that time, it was over the Mediterranean Sea. Those manoevers put it through a 90-degree left turn, and it dropped 17,000 feet, from 37,000 feet to 15,000 feet. Then it turned right, through a full 360 degrees.

Who Are the Passengers?

The plane was carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew including three security officers and seven crew. They included 30 Egyptian and 15 French citizens, along with nationals from 10 other countries. The airline said two infants and one child were on board.

When it was first heard that Egyptair Flight MS804 went missing, Greece and Egyptian authorities immediately deployed aircraft and boats to the area to search for the plane.

Relatives of Passengers Looking For Answers

As the news spread like wildfire online, family members of passengers on board the missing flight rushed to the Cairo airport to look for answers. Most of them were looking distraught and desperately seeking news of their missing relatives. Some even collapsed upon knowing the reality of the crash.

Who Are the Crew?

The name of the captain, released by Egyptair, is Mohamed Said Shoukair, an experienced pilot, having more than 6,275 flying hours.

The co-pilot – first officer is Mohamed Mamdouh Ahmed Assem, with 2,766 flying hours.

Intensive Search

An intensive search is ongoing, involving the Egyptian navy, air force and army. The area of sea they are searching is to the north of Egypt’s coast. They are receiving support from France, Greece, Britain and the US.

The Causes of Disappearance Are Emerging

Several theories emerged as to what caused the jet to vanish as the search continued. Many said it had something to do with terrorism. But Egyptian aviation officials initially ruled out the airbus has crashed into the Mediterranean sea. But all of these things are subject to investigation because there were no reports of any debris at that time. Egyptair would only say the cause of the disappearance had not been determined.

Videos of The Aircraft

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