Albania Seeks to Reinforce Country’s Strong Security Partnership With U.S

The United States Government (USG) today announced that it will provide Albania necessary tools to strengthen democratic institutions. The tools will also be useful in promoting economic growth and mitigate corruption in the region.

The USG assistance to Albania also seeks to reinforce the country’s strong security partnership with the U.S


Peace and Security (P&S)

  • Building on Albania’s NATO membership, support its goal to complete its integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions
  • Modernize Albania’s armed forces to become interoperable with NATO
  • Improve the organization and professionalism of Albania’s law enforcement specifically in combating transnational crime and trafficking in persons

    Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD)

  • Strengthen policy reform, legislation and planning for local governance, public health care institutions, and community services.
  • Enhance oversight and accountability of central and local government institutions.
  • Improve the performance and transparency of the justice sector while building the skills of lawyers and prosecutors.

    Investing in People (IIP)

  • Promote high quality health care, including for the most vulnerable segments of the population
  • Reform government health care to improve primary and reproductive health

    Economic Growth (EG)

  • “S”upport practices that promote broad-based and sustainable economic growth

    Improve the competitiveness and productivity of Albania’s

  • private sector
  • Build Albania’s trade capacity and encourage foreign and domestic investment
  • Improve infrastructure supporting businesses, particularly in the energy sector and in information and communications technology


  • With USG assistance, the Albanian Government increased destruction of excess munitions in FY 2010 and established a goal to complete the process by 2013. In 2010, the Albanian Government destroyed 15,840 tons of ordnance.
  • USG assistance to the Albanian Integrated Border Management system was instrumental in the EU granting visa liberalization to Albania.
  • USG built accountability and transparency of Albanian courts through providing systems to publish court decisions, record hearings, and track cases.
  • USG assistance established, trained, and equipped six Joint Investigative Units to help fight economic crimes and corruption.
  • USG assisted the Government of Albania and local governments in implementing high impact reforms to reduce corruption and improve the business climate.
  • USG assisted the passage of laws in FY 2010 to support witnesses and fight criminal organizations involved in trafficking and the creation of a specific unit to handle trafficking cases.
  • USG provided expertise and training to Albania’s private sector, helping firms increase their market share in Albania and in the European Union.
  • The USG helped Albania implement energy strategies to improve the availability, efficiency, and reliability of clean energy.
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