US Assistance to Armenia Addresses Economic Vulnerabilities

United States Government (USG) today announced its assistance to Armenia which addresses the country’s economic vulnerabilities.

Armenia’s economic status has been exacerbated by the global economic crisis. The USG also will continue to support economic competitiveness in the region.

The USG funding will support democratic reforms and will strengthen democratic institutions and processes. It will also improve health and social services. The US assistance also will support activities that will enhance the movement of goods/people throughout the region.


Peace and Security (P&S)

Increase Armenia’s ability to control its borders to prevent smuggling

  • Upgrade safety of Armenia’s nuclear power plant and assist Armenia in identifying its future energy needs
  • Improve the law-enforcement and legal-regulatory structure for border security and export control
  • Support development of U.S./NATO-interoperable defense institutions and of medical, de-mining, and peacekeeping capabilities

    Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD)

  • Improve rule of law by increasing capacity of the defense bar and prosecutors and their adherence to judicial ethics and human rights
  • Fight corruption and improve the transparency, accountability and interaction of government entities with citizens
  • Increase civic participation by bolstering civil society, strengthening independent media and increasing their access to information
  • Promote free and fair elections and greater citizen participation in political processes*

    Investing in People (IIP)

  • Increase use of sustainable, high quality health and reproductive care services
  • Increase access to education and health care in rural areas
  • Support public and private sector’s development of social protection systems

    Economic Growth (EG)

  • Create a better functioning market by improving the tax system
  • Address economic imbalances and unemployment
  • Support economic growth in sustainable sectors and regional trade
  • Develop legal and regulatory reforms in the business environment to make the private sector more competitive

    Humanitarian Assistance (HA)

  • Relieve suffering of vulnerable populations by providing donated food, clothing and medicine


  • Strengthened key industries that increased tourism by 49%; added 2,146 jobs in the information technology field
  • Helped establish a network of 11 advocacy and assistance centers, which have already responded to nearly 2,000 requests for assistance
  • Implemented an anti-corruption curriculum in schools to help change the culture of corruption
  • Renovated 42 health facilities, provided 50 clinics with essential equipment and supplies, and trained 618 medical practitioners that improved quality of services
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