Are US and Russia Able to Cooperate on Nuclear Arms Reduction Issue?

Assistant Secretary Rose Gottemoeller today said the new START provides for mutual stability and predictability between the United States and the Russian Federation, who are the two biggest nuclear powers during an interview with Virginia Dumitras of Adevarul Newspaper.

In the interview, Ms. Gottemoeller said United States and Russia have over 90% of the deployed nuclear weapons in the world.

She noted that since the early 1970s, both countries have been engaged in nuclear arms limitation and reduction. She stressed that this new treaty is a stabilizing and confidence building mechanism that will continue that process.

Signing the New START Treaty.

“It is very interesting that even during the “darkest” days of the Cold War, the United States and the Russian Federation, which at that time of course was the Soviet Union, worked very closely together on reducing and limiting nuclear arms.” -Ms. Gottemoeller

She stressed that both countries have a history that proves that even during bad times they were able to work together because these treaties are in our mutual interest. She said they provide for enhanced security and stability between the two great nuclear powers.

“We have found that the implementation of the new treaty is going very well. Even today we have inspectors from the Russian Federation in the United States who are inspecting our facilities, and we have been coming to Russia for the same purpose.” -Ms. Gottemoeller

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