Worthless Charlatans Here and There

Terrorism, lies, deception, corruption, hatred, incitement and illegal activities cannot end if you keep on nourishing it and adulating it.

A world where the killers and perpetrators of crime – the Arabs – have made themselves the victims and the world, including their victims – Israel – have accepted this upside equation is an upside down world.

If the state of Israel is to exist, it will not be in the upside-down world that surrounds her and her own upside down behavior. She must turn it upright.

Much had been said about the Oslo debacle. In 1993, some notorious Israeli leaders, without the approval of the nation, have agreed and signed her life away to a group of genocidal terrorists. They imported them into the Jewish heartland and opened, wide, the Jewish State’s doors to them and told them, voila, come kill us, come destroy our land, come delegitimize our existence and destroy our stance in the world, come to uphold us your captives and we will cooperate with you with glee.

The Arabs are a diabolic dark cloud that hides the light the Jewish Nation needs to shine unto he world. With all the obvious darkness hovering over Israel she still dancing the Oslo Hora(Hora is a type of circle dance originating in the Balkans but also found in other countries. It became a national dance in Israel) around the Arabs and the Arabs are laughing. The Arabs are laughing because they are winning the battle that started in 1993 without shooting one bullet, with much killing of Jews and demoralizing the entire Jewish Nation. The goal, destroy the state of Israel.

As of recent, the Arabs, calling themselves Palestinians, abrogated the Oslo Accords and no one blinks an eye lid. They decided they will take away a chunk of the Jewish State and make it their own without the permission of the owner. They amassed world support and appealed to the United Nations to help them, the poor terrorists Jew haters-Jews killers, to have a state to call their own. What has Israel done? Set to watch the charade with trepidation. Instead of retaliating and taking the bull by its horns, adding the entire Judea and Samaria to Israel’s sovereignty, and declare: the delusion of 1993 is over, we no longer deal with a terrorist entity, we were given a country by the Nations of the world and we intend to keep all of it to ourselves, Israel did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And the Arabs, with the world behind them, are relentlessly pursuing any avenue to harm Israel. And so, with world’s approval, they applied for a membership in UNESCO and received it, no matter that it was an illegal action on UNESCO part and against its charter. And the world kept silent as it always does when Jews are harmed.

For a blink of a moment, the United States froze its massive financial aid to the Palestinians Authority. A tender spank on their hand. And so did Israel. Israel stopped its flow of tax money to her archenemy, the Arabs in Ramallah. For how long? For a second. As soon as the USA reopened the flow of dollars’ aid to the PA so did Israel. Neither the US or Israel could stomach the idea that their baby, the PA, is crying for being punished. They let the crying kid out of his room, and told him, do not worry you can continue your lies, your deception, your illegal actions against Israel and the world arena; you can go on delegitimizing Israel and trash her among the nations. You are permitted to hate Jews, plot to kill them and destroy their homeland and we, the world, as well as Israel, will do nothing to end it, really end it. On the contrary, we will treat you with kid’s gloves, and we, the charlatans of the world will continue paying for it.

Our Jewish sages instructed us that the next kill you, kill him first. This has a moral meaning that a person may defend himself and save his life at the life of a man risking it, as self defense. There is a cliche that says that if Jews do not stand for themselves, no one – for sure no one – will stand for them. Yet, neither Israel and Jews listen.

The Jewish nation is void of leadership. When a star rises, such as Fiamma Nirenstein – a real Jew, with heart and soul that is hard to find – she is isolated for speaking and fighting for the truth and for defending her nation’s state Israel.

Israel knows she has only two choices -do what is right for her and with it anger the entire world, or do what is wrong, as she has been doing since 1993, and destroy itself in the process, as she is doing right now. At present, for Israel there is no other choices for survival. By now Israel should have known that if she plays the game with the Muslim-Arab and the Muslin world, she is going to end up being choked at the noose, yet she keeps on playing the game.

History repeats itself only on the fool, in this case Israel. It acts is if she can plant a feather and a chicken will grow. As if she can make the same mistakes and expect different results. The game of repeating the same mistakes is dangerous. Israel knows that Islam is an entity that will never make peace with her, yet, she is dressed as a bride seeking the hand of the groom Arabs.

History proved that Israel must not sign a treaty with any Islamic entity. Yet, Benjamin Netanyahu, to ad nauseam, calls to sit negotiate with the Arabs, when negotiations need to culminate in an agreement, a peace treaty that will end a soon as the ink dries up on the agreement paper.

As the story goes, after its destruction four sages sojourned to Jerusalem. When they saw the destroyed temple and the Holy city, they tore their clothes and wept. Only Rabbi Akiva laughed. He told them that the prophecy of destruction was linked to the prophecy of redemption. And now that he had witnessed the realization of the prophecy of destruction, he knew that the prophecy of redemption would be fulfilled, and he quoted the prophet Zachariah’s prophecy:”Old men and women shall yet sit in the streets of Jerusalem … And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing. Indeed Rabbi Akiva’s laughter reached the ears and heart of Theodore Herzl and his formation of Zionism brought about the redemption of the Holy Land. The desert bloomed and the Jewish people founded their third sovereignty in their ancient homeland, a shelter from a hating world that has been persecuting them for millennium.

But the safeguard Israel is to provide its people is weak from within, as Israel does not stand for her legal rights and is acting as a worthless charlatan.

For the Jews, there was no magic in surviving evil. When they stood up they won and when they sided with the enemy they lost. The Jewish nation has overcome Pharaoh and rose from the ashes of the Holocaust, but if it does not turn its upside down mentality on its head, gather strength and overcome its formidable behavior its needs to ask itself, will I survive?

Israel cannot afford to group itself among the worthless, treacherous charlatans’ club of the US, EU UN and their enablers. Israel can only trust herself. After all if she is to be the light unto the nations, a leader and an example, she needs to act this way. As Israel behaves now she is the rug under the feet of the world that is getting dirtier by the moment.

How many times we clamored telling Israel enough is enough and she had replied, enough is not enough. When will the abused Jewish Nation leave the house of abuse and take control of her destiny? When?

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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