Canada: Remembering The Victims of Toronto Mass Shooting

Danforth Community Remembers Victims of the Mass Shooting

The recent mass shooting in Toronto has shaken and hurt the lively community. The attack perpetrated by a lone gunman on Sunday evening left two people dead and 13 others injured. But friends and loved ones of the victims of the Danforth shooting could not contain their loss and grief.

To pay tribute to victim Reese Fallon, friends of the young girl left flowers and candles on pictures of their friend at a makeshift memorial on Danforth, Ave. in Toronto.

In addition, people read and wrote personal messages on a building under renovation to remembering the victims.

The second fatality of the shooting incident was also a 10-year old girl named Julianna Kozis. The little girl was having dessert together with her family in a nearby restaurant when she was hit by a bullet.

This news was confirmed Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti who later said in a statement Tuesday night that the city will lower its flags in honour of Julianna.

The shooting in Danforth Avenue comes just three months after a random van attack in the city killed 10 people and injured 16 others.

The Bloody Sunday Night

The lone gunman identified as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain fired at a crowd of people standing waiting to cross Danforth Avenue on Sunday.

The gunman dressed in black continued his deadly shooting rampage at businesses and restaurants. Witnesses say the man fired shots through the window of Caffe Demetre, a popular dessert shop at Danforth and Chester Avenue.

The series of gunfire drew panic and terror on the block. Media reports say. After an exchange of gunfire with police the gunman was found dead nearby after the incident. It remains unclear if he was shot by police or died by suicide.

The shooting spree lasted just minutes but spanned blocks, sparking terror across the bustling Greektown neighbourhood around 10 p.m. Sunday. Diners and patrons ran for cover, some initially mistaking the gunshots for fire crackers.

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