Brave Men and Women – Facing Deportation

A vote was taken in the Canadian parliament this afternoon. It was a motion to allow US self-styled “war resisters” permanent resident status in Canada. Although there is a mere handful of these ‘brave’ resisters willing to publicy identify themselves, estimates range from 100 – 300 as the number of US citizens who have gone into hiding within Canada’s borders, because they don’t want to go to war. These people seem to have forgotten that today’s US military is all VOLUNTEER.

These ‘brave’ men and women – facing deportation orders after having exhausted the refugee claims process open to all who arrive in Canada – seem to have conveniently forgotten that there is NO draft these days, and that every member who signs on the dotted line to serve their country does so of their own free will. These patriots with a ‘conscience’ (as they describe themselves)feel so strongly about their position that they run away to a foreign country instead of standing up in their OWN country and stating their convictions. Riiiiiiiiight…

This group, and their supporters, have waged a public relations campaign to enable them to stay in Canada, and avoid having to go home and face the music. They have bleated about this “illegal war” – (and no, it is NOT an illegal war… for the record!) – this war that was already underway when they VOLUNTEERED to join the military. Some of them will tell you they were misled, lied to, but it doesn’t take a mental giant to figure out that if you join the military when your country is at war, you will more than likely be sent to war.

There’s a shocker!

I cannot believe the bs I have been hearing as these cowards have effectively led Canadians to believe that THIS war is the same as Vietnam, when Canada, under Pierre Trudeau, allowed thousands of American draft dodgers to head to the safety of Canada. The most glaring difference is that back then, there was a draft in the US. It was not a volunteer military, as America has today. Another major glaring difference is that with the technology we have today, the public can get firsthand, current FACTS about what is going on in the sandbox.

Yes, just as then, when the mainstream media did their damndest to ignore the truth of events, so today does the msm seemingly work as an arm of the enemies of the coalition forces. Just as then, (My Lai anyone?) so today, the msm would have you believe that our troops are murderous thugs killing and maiming innocent civilians… (Haditha anyone?)

Different today from then is that today, we CAN find out for ourselves what is REALLY being done in Iraq and Afghanistan. If we really care about the truth today, we can bypass all the talking heads and their lying slanted coverage, and actually talk to the boots on the ground or even – gasp – the Iraqis and Afghan people themselves.

Today the Canadian parliament voted 137 – 110 to adopt the recommendation to allow these ignorant traitors to stay in Canada. On a site I found of the War Resisters and their supporters, they very helpfully give phone numbers for interested parties to call and support these Americans’ efforts to stay in Canada.

Two numbers I WILL be calling? And yes, I will be overlooking – for now – their calling this war “Bush’s War”. How can anyone take them seriously when they are that misinformed or disingenuous?

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Diane Finley

phone 613.996.4974

fax 613.996.9749

email [email protected] and [email protected]

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

phone 613.992.4211

fax 613.941.6900

email [email protected]

As I am listening to the celebrating ‘war resisters’ interviewed, I am struck by the irony that on this day, a Canadian hero gave his life in Afghanistan. You won’t hear much about this brave soldier – there in Afghanistan because he chose to serve his country.

Capt. Richard Leary, a platoon commander of the 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry regiment, was in Afghanistan making a difference for the children, the future of Afghanistan. The troops are in Afghanistan as part of a 30 + nation coalition. The government of Afghanistan wants us there, and a poll a few months back clearly showed that the Afghan people want us there. But don’t tell the war resisters that. As the airwaves vibrate with the glee of the American ‘weasels of conscience’ and their supporters, Captain Leary, and all our troops, KNOW why they are there.

Isn’t it ironic that our heroes are not getting a zillionth of the airtime that these ‘resisters’ are grabbing? And the Canadian parliament allows foreigners to decide which of the Canadian rules and laws they don’t like.

Meanwhile, everywhere else is all sex, all the time. I refer of course to the blanket coverage of the “Sex and the City” Movie. Everywhere I have turned lately, hard to escape sex. 😉 Not that I am against sex lol, but every single section of any newspaper relating their agenda to the “Sex and the City” connections. Am I the only one who a) never, ever watched this show on television, and b) the only person who will not be going to see this movie, and couldn’t care less? Am I the only one who finds this whole media campaign promoting this movie as absurd? People, there ARE many other important issues going on in the world today. Really, there are!

Editor’s Note: Hopefully not just the two of us.

On the west coast of Canada, another tenet of Canadian society is under attack.

Freedom of speech is under threat of being totally squashed in a Human Rights Commission hearing in a Vancouver courthouse. Mark Steyn, and Macleans Magazine, is being grilled by a 3 member panel of the HRC, because a muslim student lodged a complaint. This complaint apparently asserts that Steyn and Macleans are inciting hatred against all muslims. Based on an article Macleans published about the future of Canada, the article posits that – given current trends – muslims may well be the ruling demographic in Canada.

Fact is, according to latest StatsCan figures and projections, in the not too distant future Canada’s population will be predominantly immigrants. The figures show this. I have not read Mark Steyn, and gave up reading Macleans years ago, BUT I can say I am SURE he is not inciting hatred. Inciting hatred is what the radical muslims do when they demonstrate in cities around the world calling for the beheading of infidels. I fall into the category of “infidel” since I am not a muslim. These complainants ( and the folks who called for blood in Denmark by the way) would have you believe that they are offended when we infidels state the facts, or offer an opinion, but they are full of oooooooh, lets say pork….lol…

How do I know this? Remember all the “outrage” over the printing of the cartoons insulting to Mohammed? Ezra Levant sure does. He, an Alberta magazine publisher at the time, published the ‘offending’ cartoons. He also has been called up before a Human Rights Commission for exercising HIS freedom of speech. He, and Mark Steyn have their own websites, and you can watch the demise of free speech in Canada. However, I think these ‘students’ and any other whiners about the “inciting of hatred” are hypocrites.

A while back, in another publication, I also published one of the “offensive cartoons”. Yep – I did to make a point. These devout defenders of Mohammed said not a word. Guess suing me wouldnt have netted them a big enough profit, or near as much publicity as going after Steyn, Levant or Macleans. Also today in the news in Europe, freedom to disagree with the radical muslims is again under threat. Ask Briget Bardot how free speech is in her country. She has just been fined for speaking out against muslim practices eroding the French way of life.

I guess freedom of speech is only free if you agree with radical muslims’ point of view.

Ros Prynn is a NewsBlaze investigative reporter and editor, who writes on a range of topics. Contact her by writing to NewsBlaze, or at her milblog