Tell Me Why? Change: US Participates in Crimes Against Humanity at Ashraf

Maliki-Khamenei-Obama for Ashraf-GATE

The world men inhabit is rather bleak. It is a world full of doubt and confusion, where vulnerability must be hidden, not shared; where competition, not co-operation, is the order of the day; where men sacrifice the possibility of knowing their own children and sharing in their upbringing, for the sake of a job they may have chosen by chance, which may not suit them and which in many cases dominates their lives to the exclusion of much

– Indira Gandhi

Ashraf attack 26 July 2009

Moments bear conscience. History is made of millions of momemts of conscience, good or bad, and the result will make mankind’s destiny come true. Each one of “us” is “History” and if we realize the important role we play, then we can reach out to the real “us” and change the equilibrium around us.

In the lexicon of political terms, nothing can define values proved to us by the Iranian people in their struggle for FREEDOM under the most vicious religious fascism of our contemporary history.

But there is an unprecedented element in their voice echoed by 3500 people in a refugee camp called Ashraf which evolves this message into new limits of perseverance, robust struggle and ultimate sacrifice into an epic of our times. “Price for Freedom”

What are ultimate sacrifice and the motive behind it?

They stand and persevere with flesh and blood to prove their allegiance to principles such as “Peace, Freedom, Equality and Democracy.”

The ultimate proof of one mans’ devotion to these ideals is when he faces bullets, axes, nailed batons and mustard gas and decides to prevent retaliation only to preserve his ideals for ideals lost in time or concealed by mullah deviated propaganda for the past 30 years.

The Question: Why?

Why massacre defenseless refugees?

Why attack residents who have already been under siege for 3 months with no food and medicine allowed into their camp?

Why threaten and attack those who have left their beloved ones in Iran, a risk for an opportunity to defend their people in Iran by voicing their cries?

Why bring 9 Badr brigades of the notorious Guards into the defenseless camp after it has been already searched many times for arms (not found) and while their members have been screened seven times by various US intelligence agencies clearing them of all possible means of terrorism.

Why run over the innocent people with US made Humvees while they only insist on perseverance for FREEDOM in a bewildering desert under the blitering sun at 55 degrees centigrade, with no water?

Iraqi Humvees, Donated by US, run residents down:

Why stand and observe the scene – as did US officers a few meters away from the camp – while the US was the reason for these innocent victim’s trust to voluntarily hand over their only means of defense against already established terrorist attacks of the Mullah’s thugs?

Why stand firm and with no protection, against nailed batons, axes sickle, rain of stones and metal clubs only to be killed or maimed?

Why compete in making a wall to defend your sisters and brothers from the rain of batons and stones by your flesh and blood when you can pick up and retaliate instead?

Why not hit back at the terrorists while it is crystal clear they are the Badr terrorists trained by the Revolutionary Guards of the Iranian regime, the main enemy of the Iranian people?

Why quench your hate towards those very terrorists who disdain your pride and that of your beloved sister by pulling down her cloths or her scarf while you can retaliate by only bursting out one phrase “Down with Khamenie.”

Why stand and witness your best friends death when he is murdered in front of you as a bulldozer runs him down tearing his face apart and just shout “brothers why?”

Why and why?

The answer is very clearly depicted in an interview with one of those who survived the onslaught in Ashraf :

I was shouting: Why for Gods sake why? What have we done other than to Cry out for our people’s sufferance under the Mullahs?” and to my surprise and shock, one of the attackers, heavy built who had sunglasses and his face covered shouted sporadic foul language in FARSI and said “You are enemies of us, you hypocrites, we are here to kill you all, Its our leaders demand.” I only had seconds to deduct they are Iranian and are certainly from Khomeini. It was the first time I had personally confronted Khomeini’s trained terrorist Badr agents. For the first time in the past 10 years I fell into a trap I long had avoided; “the choice between self preservation or complete devotion for our objective”

As I was contemplating how to act, a fragile built sister – aged between 25 to 30 – jumped in front of me opening her hands to embrace the metal batons falling on my head and face.

She shouted “hit me if you have no spec of humanity left in you.” Then she continued:

“I am the daughter of Iran, the voice of Freedom, the desire for love and equality is in me. Hit me and you will have thousands of daughters rising from my blood.”

Then she began shouting “Down with Khamenei in Ashraf and Iran.” While I was just shocked by her amazing bravery and youth, others sisters joined in making a wall of their bodies in front of the nailed batons and stoned flying on us. There was no other hesitation left for me.

I was in competition, this time it was a competition as to who sacrifices first for whom and why?

Is it for oneself? Or is it instantaneously for others and for the love of Freedom for our people?

Under such circumstances there is no hesitation left or any philosophical rationing on whether you are a “cult,” “a terrorist under batons” or just simply a devoted lover for “your principles for peace, freedom and democracy.”

I threw myself in front of them only to capture the falling axe that came and split my head.

Next I found myself in Ashraf hospital, where our sisters and brothers were trying hard to keep me going. I understood later that my situation was critical and despite numerous appeals by PMOI leadership Council to US representatives and Iraqi government to let critically wounded reach the … hospital they refrained. I also heard later that some died because they were not allowed to receive medical treatment in time.

My question is “Why can we NOT fight for the freedom of our people? Is it not time to open our eyes to the realities of Iran? It is time to choose and act because tomorrow is too late. Tell me … which side are you on? Why so much hesitation to give a helping hand to those who are devoted to FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in Iran ?”

Weakness by U.S. in Iranian crisis.

Why are we still backing the regime in Iran while ongoing uprisings of Iranian people have already determined their voice against the tyranny? Why do we still shake the hands of butchers under the pretext of “diplomacy.” Does this ever change the fact that the “hand shaking the hand of a butcher” will make us no less than the Butcher?

Any “rationalized or engineered excuse” such as “Political pragmatism,” “leaving a way for dialogue,” “making room for passive dialogue to prevent bloodshed” are just another word for “weakness, fear and feebleness.”

Any further hesitation is no more “giving a helping hand” but directly killing, maiming and axing the opposition to the vicious regime in Iran masquerading its inhuman lust for power under the name of a religious state causing bloodshed, theft, fraud, and evil, under the guise of “anti-imperialism.”

SHAME ON US if we turn our face away

DO not forget Mr.Obama, that while Neda died with her eyes open, there are others trying to wash her blood away by keeping their eyes closed.

To illustrate our words on “Democratic values” the US must intervene to:

– secure the return of the 36 abducted hostages

– implement the 24 April 2009 resolution of the European Union on Ashraf within the respected International conventions.

– support an International investigation team for Ashraf Camp under the flag of the UN because there is no further trust for the Iraqi forces. Unless there is such intervention, responsibility for all those still alive in this camp is on the US Government.

Facts on the present situation on Ashraf

– At 15:00 local time on Tuesday, Iraqi police forces attacked Camp Ashraf.

– The Iraqi force also used batons, axes, iron bars, hoop iron, and sticks, severely beating Ashraf residents to death. (clip showing tools used to murder Ashraf residents).

-So far 12 unarmed residents have been murdered, 450 wounded and 36 abducted as hostages by the so called Iraqi forces – well established to be 9 Badr Iranian elements working with Maliki.

-Siavosh Nezamolmolki who was in coma since Tuesday, died on Wednesday evening due to lack of medical care. Siavosh was the first of those killed after no medical help was delivered to the camp by US forces “observing”* (clip showing Siavosh father and mother at his side”

– The US troops were present right from the beginning. Patrolling with Humvees they fully observed what was happening. ( The US troops present near Ashraf testified in an email to a news site that they heard the chants and cries, could have intervened but were ordered not to)

Canada Free Press Story

– “The significance (in my opinion) is that F.O.B. Grizzly is within “shouting distance” from Ashraff and has (and had at the time of the attack) a resident population of USMC and two (2) Stryker units with total numbers nearing 1000 US combatants. . . . We had the capability to prevent what happened but not the POLITICAL will.”

– Strangely, the attack occurred on the day Maliki returned from the US. It is obvious that such official attack has been under order by Maliki issued the order to attack as he landed in Baghdad. Furthermore, the attack occurred at the time the Defense Secretary was in Iraq.

– Just before the attack, the last co-ordinations between Ghomi – the Iranian Ambassador to Iraq and his counterparts in Mailiki’s cabinet took place

– The Iraqis started shooting at around 19:30 (four hours later), when they were confident the US had no objection to their attack. They also opened fire on residents of Ashraf the following day with the intention to kill. Yet, there was no reaction from the US.

– Some 2,000 soldiers participated in attack against Camp Ashraf residents. a large number of criminals from the 9th Badr Brigade and members of the terrorist Qods Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), are among Iraqi forces attacking Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

– According to eyewitnesses, after the 36 abducted hostages were taken to Iraqi facilities, next to Ashraf, they were tortured including being severely beaten by the Iraqi guards. They were held for several days in a 3×4 room with no air conditioning while the temperature reached 57 Centigrade.

– Six days after having been kidnapped, the US forces did nothing to bring them back to Ashraf. On Sunday evening they were transferred to an unknown location. According to eye witnesses they were being beaten at the time of the transfer. It is feared that the terrorist Qods Force and 9th Bader Corps would kill them or take them to Iran.

Iraqi paradoxical statements:

– Iraqi officials have been making ridiculous and contradictory statements to cover up their crimes. First they claimed that they have not used any force to enter the Camp. Then they said they did not fire. Another ridiculous claim was that the residents (PMOI supporters and members) have killed two persons and writing on their body traitor and that PMOI now blame Iraqis for their death. Iraqi officials also acknowledged that they tried to run over the residents of Ashraf with Humvees by saying residents of Ashraf threw themselves in front of the Iraqi Vehicle. There are so many films and photographs which prove beyond any doubt the falsity of these claims and prove the crimes were committed by Iraqi forces.

– Iraqi government claims that its intention was to extend its sovereignty in Iraq and intended to set up a police station in Ashraf. This is obviously a “mullah style” deception. Ashraf residents have been in discussion with the Iraqi officials for almost a year. US officers and officials were present during these negotiations. The PMOI cooperated in all aspects. PMOI also handed over to Iraqis the facilities built by Ashraf residents at the main entrance to the Camp. Even on the day of the attack, in discussion with one of Iraqi officials, in the presence of US officers, Ashraf officials proposed to provide more facilities at the entrance to the Iraqi police.

– The attack occurred parallel to an ongoing meeting between camp officials and Iraqi delegation to provide more facilities for the Iraqi police present outside the camp. But their meeting was cut short by phone calls by the office of the Prime Minister of Iraq only to give way that the Prime Minister had already given the “OK” to have the matter finished once and for all by attacking to eradicate the camp. If it was not for the firm resistance of its inhabitants with bare hands. There might have been hundreds killed and many in handcuffs to be delivered to the mullahs.

– All indications are that setting up a police station was an excuse. An Iraqi official, Mouwaffaq al-Rubaiee, had already said that the Iraqis intend to get into the Camp and make life unbearable for its residents.

– Moreover, Camp Ashraf is a private property owned by the PMOI. The land was legally given to the PMOI in 1986 and everything within the Camp has been built by its residents. If the Iraqi government had any claim on the land, it should have taken legal action in a relevant court, surely not in Iraq where the judicial system is controlled by the government.

– Maliki acknowledged on 31 July that his true intention of setting up a police station in the Camp was to arrest 55 residents of Ashraf (Al-Hurrah TV, Al-Iraqiya TV, both 31 July 2009)

What about US responsibility?

It is documented that in 2003 the PMOI handed over its arms to the US and in return the US provided protection to residents of Ashraf. Each member of the PMOI residing in Camp Ashraf signed an agreement with the US which said that until the final determination of the status of the Ashraf residents, they will be under the protection of US. In 2004 all residents of Ashraf were provided a special ID card as “protected person” under the Fourth Geneva Convention. In August 2008 US officers conducted a census. Almost all residents, including those killed by the Iraqis, told the United States that if their protection is ever transferred to Iraq, their lives and safety would be in serious danger. This is exactly what happened on 28 July 2009.

Lawyers, jurists and expert on international law warned that transferring protection of Ashraf would violate the fundamental rights of Ashraf residents as well as the principle of non-refoulement and International Humanitarian Law.

The new US administration relying on Iraqi government assurances handed over the full protection to Iraq on 20 February 2009, a month after coming to office. The US did not even carry out its obligation to monitor and make sure Iraq respects the rights of Ashraf residents.

In short, the US was under no doubt that transferring the protection contained serious danger. Therefore, the US has its share in crimes committed and will be responsible for anything that might happen in the future.


Clip showing use of AXES, Metal batons ..used in Ashraf Attack :

Direct beating and attack on camera to stop media reports:

Inured at the camp :

Mother by her son’s corpse saying “We will always support Freedom for our people nevertheless”