Secretary Clinton’s Decision on Delisting MEK

You certainly have heard, as I have, the good news of Sec. Clinton’s decision on delisting MEK. The reports indicate the Secretary’s positive response came after a Washington court’s ruling and the outspoken wishes of the American people’s representatives in the Congress, asking for the removal of the unjust label from the Iranian Resistance and MEK. It was a decision that should have been made many years ago and regrettably is being taken now with much delay.

You surely know that the Iranian Resistance and MEK have paid an immense price for this designation to appease the Mullahs in Iran. The Iranian regime has also misused this designation for suppression of its opponents and prolonging its reign. The execution of MEK members and supporters in Iran as “Muhareb” and brutal attacks on MEK members in Ashraf by Iraqi forces left 49 dead. Three years of inhumane siege, which still continues, were carried out due to this designation.

Now, the terrible prison and inhumane siege in Camp Liberty, which is in violation of the MOU, and inhuman treatment of Ashraf and Liberty residents under the pretext of the US FTO List by the Iraqi government should be stopped immediately. This is the minimum expectation from the US Government.

Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.