Hunger Strike in Camp Liberty Calls for International Action

Hunger Strike in Camp Liberty and Five Countries across the World Enters its Third Month

Sixty days have passed since Iraqi forces stormed camp Ashraf, killing 52 of its defenseless residents, and abducting seven others, including six women.

In protest to this crime against humanity, hundreds of Camp Liberty residents have entered the third month of their hunger strike. Relatives of the residents and freedom-loving Iranians in five other countries in Europe, America and Australia have joined the hunger strike.

UN and US Remain Silent

The United Nations and United States have remained silent in response to hunger strikers’ main demands, to release the hostages immediately and to provide the minimum requirements for the security of Camp Liberty by the United Nations.

Meanwhile, the health conditions of a considerable number of the hunger strikers have reached critical levels. The hunger strikers have lost an average of 7-11 kilograms of weight and are suffering from different symptoms, including decrease of sight and hearing ability, abdominal disturbances, dizziness, muscular cramps, and and some of the damage they’ve sustained is irreversible.

Among the hunger strikers are mothers, fathers, children and other relatives of the September 1st massacre victims and the seven hostages. All evidence clearly proves that the seven hostages are in Iraq, in prisons controlled by the Iraqi Prime Ministry, and are under interrogation and torture. But the Iraqi government denies the fact to mislead the international community and evade the consequences of this crime. The residents of Camp Liberty hold the international community – namely the United States and the United Nations – responsible for their safety and especially the safety of the seven hostages.

Hunger Strikers Petition Ban Ki-moon

As Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki prepares for his trip to the United States, the hunger strikers have signed a petition addressed to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, stressing, “We consider the U.S. government responsible for this situation that has unfortunately taken the policy of silence and inaction after this grave catastrophe.”

Obama To Entertain Perpetrator Of Attacks

The hunger strikers underscored that President Obama’s meeting with the person who is responsible for three deadly raids on Camp Ashraf and two missile attacks on Camp Liberty, which have left 112 dead and thousands of injured in their wake, will only encourage the Iraqi government to stage further massacres.

The residents of Liberty call on the members of the European Parliament, political parties, advocates of freedom, and Human Rights defenders across the world to support the hunger strikers in their cause, and stress that remaining silent in face of the crimes and breach of agreements by the Iraqi government is further endangering the lives of the residents, and has left them with no other option than going on hunger strike.

Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.