The Worrying Status of Elderly People in China: 1,370 Go Missing Every Day

Senior Citizens Go Missing Every Day

Taking care of aging parents is a sacred Chinese virtue. But due to decades of economic boom, the young generations have been engrossed in making a career in big cities and taking good care of their elderly people is not a priority anymore.

Now, these elderly people are often neglected and end up missing at the end of the day.

News of missing elderly persons in China is becoming a daily occurrence. In fact, a survey revealed that more than 1,300 elderly people go missing in China every day,

According to China’s Zhongmin Social Assistance Institute, senior citizens aged 65 or over account for up to 80% of missing person cases.

Aside from that, the survey showed that around 25% of those missing had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Also, 72% of those cases suffered some sort of memory impairment.

Of those who were found after being reported missing, 25% then went missing again, according to a CNN report.

Most of the cases occur in rural communities and small cities where young people often leave to find work in China’s fast-developing larger cities.

This daily occurrence of missing elderly person is becoming a real concern.

Wang Zhikun, president of the Zhongmin institute, said, “This is obviously a huge number and a social issue we cannot afford to ignore.”

China is already home to many seniors with 114 million aged 65 or over. This estimate is more than any other developing country.

China’s Population is Aging Rapidly

The communist country is aging rapidly. It is estimated that in the coming decades, China is predicted to be the most aged population on earth with more than 400 million people over 60.

Healthcare costs are expected to surge as the population of senior citizens increases. Singapore-based Asia Pacific Risk Center estimates that the costs will likely increase up to $20 trillion by 2030.

An elderly Chinese woman. Image by PatrickQuinn from Pixabay
An elderly Chinese woman. Image by PatrickQuinn from Pixabay
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