US-Republic of Korea Alliance Constantly Growing And Deepening

Sharing the same values of commitment to freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, the United States of America today underlined that U.S.-Republic of Korea alliance is constantly growing and deepening.

On his remarks before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, Deputy Assistant Secretary James P. Zumwalt said the alliance between the United States and the Republic of Korea remains a linchpin of security and prosperity in Northeast Asia.

“It has never been stronger. This alliance has served well to counter the threats from North Korea.” -Mr. Zumwalt

American Soldiers and Korean War veterans to honor fallen comrades.

He cites that the bilateral relationship is constantly growing and deepening.

According to Mr. Zumwalt, tn the last three months, both countries have seen three milestones in their relationship.

He cites that bilateral free trade agreement (KORUS FTA) took effect.

President Obama made his third visit to Korea since taking office, he added.

And on March 26-27 the Republic of Korea successfully hosted more than 50 world leaders for the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, cementing its status as a country with global interests, he stressed.

In addition, he says Pyongyang’s April 13 missile launch and the possibility of another North Korean nuclear test underscored the precarious nature of the security situation on the Korean peninsula and the continuing importance of our alliance to preserving peace and security in Northeast Asia.

“The United States and the Republic of Korea already enjoy one of the world’s most vibrant economic relationships.” -Mr. Zumwalt

The entry into force of the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement will lead to even more trade between our two countries, he cited.

He reports that vibrant people-to-people relations, including robust flows of travelers and students, form a strong base for our bilateral ties.

Recent polling shows that 72 percent of Koreans hold favorable views of the United States, and an even higher percentage rate the alliance as strong, he said.

The United States and the Republic of Korea (ROK) also continue to make important strides toward fulfilling the 2009 Joint Vision for the Alliance statement set forth by Presidents Barack Obama and Lee Myung-bak, Mr. Zumwalt stressed.

In the context of the United States’ renewed commitment to Asia, the U.S.-ROK Alliance provides an anchor for peace and security in the region, he stressed.

He states that the Republic of Korea has welcomed the increased U.S. focus on Asia, and the United States has welcomed growing Republic of Korea contributions to regional and global peace and security.

The countries long-standing security alliance remains the basis of their truly comprehensive partnership as well, Mr. Zumwalt added.

“This alliance has not simply withstood the test of time. It continues to grow and evolve in order to meet all possible threats.” -Mr. Zumwalt

The United States and Republic of Korea have been consulting very closely and coordinating o a range of issues now for several years.

One issue that both countries have been working on is the DPRK denuclearization issues.

On March this year, the United States and Republic of Korea reaffirmed their alliance.

On her remarks with Republic of Korea Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan, US Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton said both countries consult closely on all aspects of diplomacy.

Both countries have discussed ways that both are strengthening their alliance, which is a lynchpin of America’s strategic engagement in the Asia Pacific.

Both countries spoke about recent diplomacy with North Korea.

The North Korea reportedly also agreed to the return of IAEA inspectors to verify and monitor the moratorium on uranium enrichment activities, and to confirm the disablement of the five-megawatt reactor and associated facilities.

US and Republic of Korea teams just met in Beijing with North Korean officials to discuss the administrative details of this program.

The US always emphasizes it’s commitment to deter any North Korean provocations especially in its nuclear proliferation activity.

United States of America and the Republic of Korea shared assessments on the current situation of the North Korean nuclear issue and both countries discussed how they should go forward with regard to their joint efforts in responding to this North Korean issue.

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