US Affirms Commitment to the Security of Philippines

US and Philippines boost security alliance

Saying that United States of America and Philippines are strong allies, Secretary of State John Kerry also reaffirmed the American commitment to the security of the Asia-Pacific nation.

In his remarks with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Filipino Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert del Rosario, Secretary Kerry underscored that the meeting reinforced the alliance of the US and Philippines.

“We’re here to reinforce and reaffirm the alliance between the United States and the Philippines, one of the strongest and longest, actually.” – Secretary Kerry

Secretary Kerry underlined that the US and Philippines established relations 70 years ago and signed a Mutual Defense Treaty five years after that. Since then, the Treaty remains absolutely true today.

Filipino soldiers painting a US and Philippine flag.

He further said, the strategic relationship begins with a very firm pledge and that the United States has an ironclad commitment to the security of the Philippines.

Enhancing Defense Cooperation

According to Secretary Kerry, the US welcomes the Philippine Supreme Court’s decision that the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement is consistent with the Philippine constitution.

With this accord, it will increase the interoperability of the armed forces and contribute to modernization and improve the joint capacity to respond to humanitarian emergencies for both nations.

“As Secretary Carter will make clear, our defense cooperation will always be a priority; but our bonds of friendship, it is fair to say, extend far beyond the priority of our defense cooperation.” – Secretary Kerry

Aside of affirming the alliance on security, the cooperation between the two countries also includes trade and investment, people-to-people exchanges, a shared commitment to democracy, and support for health, education, and human rights.

on Sustainable Development

According to Secretary Kerry, the US and Philippines are currently expanding cooperation on sustainable development through the Partnership for Growth.

The Philippines was selected for a second compact under the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Through this, hundreds of millions more dollars invested to fund critical projects that will reduce poverty and promote economic growth.

In addition, the United States welcomes the Philippines’ interest in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“It’s also why we will continue to consult and cooperate on all issues affecting regional security – such as territorial and maritime disputes in the South China Sea.” – Secretary Kerry

US and Philippines As Strong Allies

The US-Philippines relationship is enriched by the presence in the United States of over four million Filipinos and Filipino Americans and in the Philippines by over 150,000 Americans, who help shape the future of both countries

The two countries’ mutual defense treaty has provided for their common defense and helped to create cooperation between them, not only military cooperation but also political and economic, and not only between governments but most importantly between their people.

In November 2011, Secretary Clinton stood side-by-side with her Philippine counterpart Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario aboard the USS “Fitzgerald” in Manila Bay to sign the joint Manila Declaration, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty.

The Treaty remains the foundation of the bilateral relationship. The Manila Declaration also sets forth a shared vision for strategic, political, economic, and people-to-people cooperation between two nations.

The U.S. government is also working closely with the Philippines to reduce poverty and increase economic prosperity. The U.S. fully supports Philippine efforts to eradicate corruption, to open economic opportunity for all, and to invest in health and education.

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