Obama: US Will Never Accept North Korea as Nuclear State

North Korea in Hot Seat Again

Since North Korea’s most recent defiance that its nuclear activities come with a good purpose, the United States of America today expressed its conviction that it will not accept that the communist country will become a nuclear state.

In his statement after North Korea’s September 9 nuclear test, US President Obama expressed condemnation of North Korea’s provocative action amid global criticisms on its recent actions.

Obama said, “The United States condemns North Korea’s September 9 nuclear test in the strongest possible terms as a grave threat to regional security and to international peace and stability.”

With conviction, the American President stated, “To be clear, the United States does not, and never will, accept North Korea as a nuclear state.”

Obama added that North Korea’s latest action on pursuing its campaign of ballistic missile launches has resulted in negative results. North Korea’s destabilizing actions have isolated its impoverished people because of its ambitious pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Obama: I Have The Responsibility to Safeguard the American People

President Obama said North Korea’s has claimed its intention on its campaign of ballistic missile launches.

He said, “North Korea claims are intended to serve as delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons targeting the United States and our allies, the Republic of Korea and Japan.”

As the Commander in Chief, Obama said, “I have a responsibility to safeguard the American people.”

Obama vowed to lead the international community to combat this threat. Without wasting any time, the US President consulted with allies, particularly South Korea and Japan to resolve North Korea’s provocation.

Obama said, “We agreed to work with the UN Security Council, our other Six-Party partners, and the international community to vigorously implement existing measures imposed in previous resolutions, and to take additional significant steps, including new sanctions, to demonstrate to North Korea that there are consequences to its unlawful and dangerous actions.”

Obama warns North Korea against nuclear tests.
President Obama warns North Korea against nuclear tests.

September 9 Nuclear Test

A New York Times report says North Korea conducted its fifth underground nuclear test on Friday.

Reports say the country’s recent nuclear tests are becoming increasingly powerful as compared to nuclear tests conducted a decade ago.

The explosion occurred at 9:30am South Korea time on Friday.

The latest explosion came just months after North Korea conducted what it claimed was its first hydrogen bomb test in January.

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