Kim Jong Un Confirms Successful Test-firing of Musudan Missile

North Korea Did It Again

North Korea has made headlines again as it claimed a successful test-firing of a mid-range ballistic missile called the ‘Musudan.’

The successful missile test was claimed by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who oversaw the tests.

He said the test-fire is an important occasion to strengthen “the nuclear capacity of the communist state.”

It is needed to increase in a sustained way our pre-emptive nuclear attack capability and continue the study and development of diverse strategic attack weapons.” – Kim

North Korea launched the twin Musudan missile-tests from its east coast Wednesday. The first test failed, but the second travelled about 400km (250 miles) and reached an altitude of 1,000km.

Musudan Missile Can Reach Japan and US bases

The Musudan is named by outsiders after a North Korean village. Analysts believed the missile has a range of up to 4,000km (2,500 miles) and can reach the American and Japanese bases in the region.

Some say the successful missile tests indicated that the communist country finally made progress in its nuclear capacity after experiencing a series of failed missile tests.

World Reactions

North Korea has received negative feedback on its nuclear ambitions. The state’s series of missile tests this year has drawn criticism from the US and its allies.

The missile tests were condemned from Washington, Japan, South Korea and NATO. However, China, a strong ally of the North urged restraint.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said the launch shows the need to enhance missile defenses for all U.S. allies in the region.

In a news conference in Kentucky, Secretary Carter said, “No matter what this or that test went to do, in terms of time of flight, it doesn’t change the plans that we have … We need to stay ahead of the threat.”

North Korea's leader watching a missile test in Pyongyang.
North Korea’s leader watching a missile test in Pyongyang.

In addition, the UN Security Council expressed its strong opposition to the tests after an emergency meeting in New York. In fact, Alexis Lamek, France’s deputy UN ambassador, said all 15 members had “expressed a strong concern as well as their opposition to these launches.

To show the UN’s opposition of North Korea’s recent missile test, a spokesman for Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the tests were “a deliberate and very grave violation” of North Korea’s international obligations.

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