Japan Prepares For Potential Missile Attack From North Korea

Is Japan Ready for Possible Attack from North Korea?

In preparation for a potential missile attack from North Korea, Japan staged its first evacuation exercise.

A first-hand witness of the drill was reported by CNN’s Ivan Watson who watched teachers and school children drop to the ground as loudspeakers announced warnings signaling a ballistic missile launch.

The voice from the loudspeaker said, “This is a drill. A missile has been launched.”

Without delay, the students, teachers and elderly volunteers gathered at the school gym where a government official thanked everybody for the participation in the drill.

Chief Cabinet counselor Atsushi Odani assured everybody at the school gym that Japan is ready to defend its citizens from all external threats.

Referring to the readiness of Japanese armed forces, Odani said, “If they shoot a missile, self defense forces will try to shoot them down.

According to Reuters, Japanese authorities issued warnings of a simulated attack over loudspeaker. “The missile is seen to have landed within a 20 kilometer boundary west of the Oga peninsula,” the alert system noted over loudspeaker. “The government is currently examining the damage.”

A Japanese pupil participating in an evacuation drill.
A Japanese pupil participating in an evacuation drill.

Japan is Ready for Any Attack

Though Japan was caught off guard by North Korea’s latest launch of four ER-Scud ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan this month, it is preparing itself for a potential attack from the rogue nation.

To strengthen its defense systems, Japan collaborated with its allies, South Korea and United States of America in trilateral naval exercises last month.

The drill focused on improving Japan’s missile defense where warships employed the Aegis missile defense system that is for early detection of missile threats and possible deterrence.

Japan Slams North Korea’s Missile Test-Fire

North Korea fired four ballistic missiles towards Japan earlier this month, triggering mixed reactions from the international community. Japan is definitely not happy about it.

Speaking to the Japanese Parliament Monday, Japan’s leader Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described North’s Korea’s moves as “an extremely dangerous action.”

President Abe added the launch was a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

The launch of ballistic missiles was confirmed by military authorities in Japan, South Korea and the United States. The missiles traveled almost 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) towards the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea. Three missiles landed inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone which extends 200 nautical miles from its coastline according to international maritime law

The launch took place while President Abe was in the United States visiting US President Donald Trump.


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