Japan Slams North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Test-fire

North Korea Did It Again

North Korea fired four ballistic missiles towards Japan in the early hours of Monday morning, triggering mixed reactions from the international community. Japan is not happy about it.

Speaking to the Japanese Parliament Monday, Japan’s leader Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described North’s Korea’s moves as “an extremely dangerous action.”

President Abe added the launch was a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

The launch of ballistic missiles was confirmed by military authorities in Japan, South Korea and the United States. The missiles traveled almost 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) towards the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea. Three missiles landed inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone which extends 200 nautical miles from its coastline according to international maritime law

The launch took place while President Abe was in the United States visiting US President Donald Trump.

South Korea and US Condemn Missile Launch

South Korea and the United States are not happy about North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missiles towards Japan.

South Korean President Hwang Kyo-ahn expressed strong condemnation against North Korea’s actions.

At the South Korean National Security Council Monday, President Hwang Kyo-ahn said, “This is a direct challenge to the international community and a grave violation.”

The United States has the same reaction as South Korea, describing the move as “provocative.”

The US State Department said it remained “prepared to use the full range of capabilities at our disposal against this growing threat.”

Acting State Department spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement, “The DPRK’s provocations only serve to increase the international community’s resolve to counter the DPRK’s prohibited weapons of mass destruction programs.

A missile launched to the sky.
A missile launched to the sky.

What is The Motive?

Many say the move was a reaction to annual joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States on Wednesday. North Korea strongly criticized the military drill collaboration between the two allies. In addition, Pyongyang considered the drills as preparations for a possible invasion from both countries.

US On Denuclearizing North Korea

United States remains committed to a denuclearized North Korea that respects the rights of its citizens.

In June 2009, the United Nations unanimously adopted resolution 1874, imposing stricter sanctions on the recalcitrant regime.

Resolution 1874 has 34 points, the first of which “Condemns in the strongest terms the nuclear test conducted by the DPRK on 25 May 2009 (local time) in violation and flagrant disregard of its relevant resolutions, in particular resolutions 1695 (2006) and 1718 (2006), and the statement of its President of 13 April 2009 (S/PRST/2009/7).”

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